Thursday, July 29, 2004

Guten Morgen.

There is an unbelievably bad smell coming from something in my living room.  I have found a spot on the carpet where something was spilled that reeks, and I am hoping that is it.  The Febreeze ain't working.  The spot cleaning didnt help.  Now I am thinking of renting a carpet cleaner and doing the whole carpet.  I think it must be an old milk spill that, once wet, has just funked out and the bacteria is multiplying and funkifying everything.  Disgusting.

What a long day yesterday.  I was close to tears when I talked to Jay at 530.  Just plain worn out by Sam and Monty constantly bursting into fights about whatever.  And Sam being mouthy.  And Monty climbing on the counter every five minutes.  You know how it is.  And I get soooo frustrated and angry.  Making them go to their rooms doesn't satisfy my urge to make them pay for how they are making me feel.  So the adrenaline just gets to race around my body like a pinball with no hole to drop into at the bottom.  It just pings off everything, racking up the points and making me crazy.

I took them for a walk, and put all my fierce energy into maneuvering the double stroller.  Then I came home, put two to bed, and cleaned out three of my cupboards.  And vacuumed the living room.  And waited for Jay to get home.

I did get a good night's sleep though.  No restless legs, no four am wakey wakey sit in the rocking chair eating a popsicle looking out at my street.  I slept like a log.  Which is a real treat. 

I better go, gotta pick up Monty and then take Oma from Zellers to Fortinos and take myself to the dentiste.  It has been two years.  Wish me luck.


Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Two good hours of TV-ing...


I have changed my mind about the Amazing Race.  It is pretty darn good.  I enjoyed tonights episode very much, with the teams all going on different flights to get to St. Petersburg in Russia to eat mounds of disgusting caviar.  I was dying for the one girl, um, Christie.  (She looked totally great in her fleece toque while crying about the nausea.)  I don't mind that Joyce and Bob are out.  They seem like they are pretty happy regardless.  The midget lady and her thyroid eyed cousin are pretty annoying though.  The one guy was talking to the bus station person and the Thyroid totally interrupted him, and then acted like HE was a jerk. 

As for LCS, sorry about my earlier post.  I totally had a brainskip and forgot that he was already eliminated!  Hardee har though, cause they all came back tonight for  a wild card challenge, even the bitter tramp herself, Bonnie McFarland.  Not sure who won, though.  I think it will be a close one between Todd Glass and Jay London, with Todd Glass winning in the end. 

Enough of TV!  My head is spinning.  I have to go email this guy who won an ebay item from me.  (Scrapbooking Software.) and I mailed him the friggin box without the actual software inside!  Whoopsie!

Night night.  Johnathan Kellerman on the bedtime reading roster.


Posting my fitness test results (already lost the paper, this is what I still remember) because i get another fit test in three months and I wanna see what changes happen.
Friday July 23
Cardio=ELITE!  WTF eh?  guess all the running i do after the chilens pays off.  So i guess this could go up to uber-elite or something.
Sit ups= 20 - below average.  Nice.
Push ups=25 - average (HATE push ups, but who likes them?)
Flexibility=above average (but I am a regular stretcher for years, so not surprising)
Wall sit =2 minutes (again, ELITE.  for my AGE, she said.  Ugh.)
Body Fat=24.9%  - average.
Weight= 120 pounds, so BMI is 22.1 - average.

I think that's it.   Not bad, really.   But I need that core strength to start improving, it will be easier on my back when I have a strong front.  It will be interesting to see what three months of regular exercising can do. 

Now I just have to get there, I guess.  Which is not hard at all.  What is hard, and annoying, is when i am twenty five minutes into my step class and they come and get me because lucy is crying.  And by the time i get back to the class it is over, and monty thinks because he saw me that it is time to go, and then it is really over.  

Anyways, enough about little miss gym, eh?  I must say that it is 7:43 and monty is sleeping soundly and Sam and Megan (cousin over for the night) are quietly drawing in the hallway.  And Lady Luck is breathin deep sleeps behind me in her cribola.  Ahhhh.  Can we all just take a minute and drink deep the peace that has settled over this house right now?


There.  Don't that feel good?

I am going to go downstairs now and clean up from supper.  Jay is working late.  (Late has changed definitions lately.  Late used to be six thirty seven.  Now late is after nine.)  Last Comic Standing is on tonight!   Whoopee!  And then I will attempt to watch the Amazing Race again since Tracy is coming over and it is her favorite show.  It's not bad, I just find it a little boring watching when they are all hanging out at the airport. 

So goodbaye.  My guess for tonight is that the chubby black guy (what the heck is his name?  Not Alonzo, the other one.) is OUT.

Fo Shizzle, Hola.

Don't ask me what that means.  I saw it on the internet once on the RLS Foundation website.  (Don't laugh, but that is the Restless Legs Syndrome website, which I was on from about two in the morning until five in the morning for the last two months of my Lucy preg'cy.)  And I thought it was a funny greeting.  So now it is something I say to my sister Jen when I call her.   It always gets a laugh. 

I love using nicknames for people.  Lots of different ones for each person.  Here are some examples.

Joanne Silver - Coco, Jola, Cola, J-lo, Chanel, Jojo.
Sandra Bigas - San, Sand, Laraine, Sandro.
Jennifer Sloan - Jean-Claude, Claudia, Gigi, Gigi Fontaine, JC, Claudette.
Siobbhan Sloan - Bib, Biby, Sio, Anny Bon, Bibette.
Charlie Sloan - Chas, Chunker, Fathee, Charles.
Cari Stewart - Carola, Cari-Louise, Louise, Karpinski.

You know I like ya when I don't call ya by yer given name, is what I'm sayin.   It's fun, you should try it.  Actually, I think there are cultures where your name changes according to who is using it.  Like in Polish, if you have a son named Tomascz, and you were his mother, you would call him Tomschu.  My friend Heather used to call her son whose name was Kazmierz (Kaz) by Kazunya.  And all the kids thought his name was lasagna. 

Okay I gotta go start my day.  I am yippin about nicknames while there are hungry baby birds waiting for mama to drop some yums in their mouths.


Thursday, July 22, 2004


But at least now there is a breeze.  It is really hard to lie on my couch and reread The Bourne Identity in the evenings when I am uncomfortably hot.  My couch feels all clammy and itchy.  Like I am laying on the back of a warthog or something. 

I have gone to the gym (air conditioned!) thrice since I signed up.  I go tonight for the Kardio Knockout.  And tomorrow is my FIT test.  That'll be a laugh.  "Um, your cardio is that of a winded old man and you have 67% body fat."  Ah, well, I guess that is what I am there for eh.

Went to Mac to see an academic counselor yesterday, about scoopin up that last course and graduating with my BA in April.  Looks like it might be very possible.  So that is cool.  Just gotta register for Sept.  I am sooo looking forward to going to class.  It is such a lovely thing, to sit there sipping tea and just having to listen to someone talk, compared to what goes on in my days.  And I love school in the fall.  That Indian summer, knapsack resting on your shoulders feeling.  You feel part of it.  You feel alive, as you walk briskly towards your building, glance up at the trees that shade your path, passing students and knowing you have five minutes to get in and get settled before class starts. 

The Forderer Family has changed their vacation plans once again, since California did not work out.  Now I think we are going to the Delawana Resort on Georgian Bay for the last week ofAugust.  It looks choice, beautiful locale, tons to do, great food, and kids activities.  It ain't cheap, but I know we would probably spend a decent amount if we rented a cottage ourselves, plus food, boat rental, etc.  And I would still be COOKING and CLEANING.  Blech.  That ain't no vacayshun for mama now, is it?  I hate cooking barbecuey plates and tongs and gritty knives and forks with lukewarm soft water.  At the Delawana Resort, my friends, there is a full breakfast and dinner buffet, plus bag lunches if you are going on a boat ride or a hike.  And our room has it's own private sun deck.  Well, the room I will be calling to reserve for us later on this evening has the deck.  I have just totally talked myself into firming up these plans.  Ahh the power of the pen!

Any HOO.  I better go, it is gettin near dinner time.  Ciao for niao.

Monday, July 19, 2004

Sandy has been gently coaxing me to join her gym for months.  And I finally gave in.  I am a Taurus, which means I don't do anything you ask me to right away, I have to come to it on my own.  Silly though.  This is a good thing.  Period. 
1.  Child care is included in the price.  I can drop off the kidlets and go work out, sit in the sauna, talk to people without running away every fifteen seconds to reel someone in, and go to the bathroom ALONE.  What a dealio.  I couldnt pay someone thirty bucks a month to watch my kids three or four times a week.  They would laugh in my face.  So this part alone is magnifico.
2.  They have a ton of classes, from body sculpting to stepping to pilates.  I am all about the classes.  I do not do well to sit there and do numerous repetitions with weights or stay on a treadmill on my own accord.  I get bored.  So this is good.
3.  It's only 31 bucks a month.  That's it.  No extra costs or anything, and I get a free month.  I spend more a month on Diet Coke than this.
4.  While most of my baby fat is gone, things have shifted.  And they won't get unshifted unless I do some real exercise.  Not just running around after the kids exercise. 
5.  Sandy goes.  So she will get me to go.  And I will get her to go. 
6.  Strength training = less aches and pains = happier mama.
So you see I am glad for having made this desishz.  Once again, my oldest and dearest friend Sandra Laraine Burnadette brings something good to my life. 
Ciao.  Gotta go brush some little teeth.

Friday, July 16, 2004

When I picked Sam up from camp today I found him sitting under a tree with a bunch of other kids, he had his Spiderman novel in his hands but he was looking up at one of the counselors who was telling a story and listening to her.  It reminded me of when I was a kid at Camp Marydale.
We usually went for two weeks of the summer to camp, the rest of the summer we had a babysitter, because both of my parents worked.  I remember a big barn where you made crafts, things with nails and wood, pressing bug shapes and letters into leather pieces to make a barrette or wristband.  We went canoeing on this funny round little man made lake.  We practiced archery, with cheap bows and arrows, and swam in the pool.  Our counselor had us properly terrified of peeing in the pool, she said that the chemicals in the pool would react with our pee and there would be a pink cloud all around your body if you did it. 
One afternoon I remember sitting under a tree, and we were making 'gimp' bracelets, weaving long different coloured plastic strings together in a way that was more complicated than braiding and then tying them around our wrists.  The counselors were talking about stuff.  I found them fascinating.  There was one counselor named Angel who had super long hair parted right down the middle.  It was a gorgeous light brown color and hung like a curtain on either side of her face as she tied off campers bracelets, pulling their wrists to her and using her teeth to get the knots tight. 
This was 1977.  And Elvis had just died.  And the counselors were talking about it.  I listened for as long as I could and then blurted out, "Who is Elvis?"
They stared at me.  Angel looked sad. 
One of the other counselors, an older girl who was loud and a little mean and whose bum was always hanging out of her shorts, snorted at me. 
"He's the King of Rock 'n Roll, you idiot."  She said.
Gladly, the horn for the bus went off so I didnt have to sit there for too much longer.  But I went right home and had my mom tell me all she could about Elvis.  And Angel was really nice to me the next day, and for the rest of camp.  So it was totally worth it. 
I hope Sam holds these memories, of warm lazy afternoons under a tree, waiting for his mom to come.  Of bright sun and friends shouting to him in the pool to jump in.  Of enjoying how good cold water can taste when you are really thirsty, and how a chilly damp morning can change into a beautiful day without you hardly noticing.

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Man, reading Austin's blog before bed tonight has got me wide awake and ready to get out my Norton Anthologies and read some poems!  One of my other favourite poems is Auden's "In Memory of WB Yeats".  I like it better than anything Yeats wrote himself!  I will paste it below, and it looks longish but it reads fast, and the last four lines are totally worth it.  (Don't skip to the end if you can help it, why you in sucha hurry anyways?)
W.H. Auden - In memory of W.B. Yeats

He disappeared in the dead of winter:
The brooks were frozen, the airports almost deserted,
And snow disfigured the public statues;
The mercury sank in the mouth of the dying day.
What instruments we have agree
The day of his death was a dark cold day.

Far from his illness
The wolves ran on through the evergreen forests,
The peasant river was untempted by the fashionable quays;
By mourning tongues
The death of the poet was kept from his poems.

But for him it was his last afternoon as himself,
An afternoon of nurses and rumours;
The provinces of his body revolted,
The squares of his mind were empty,
Silence invaded the suburbs,
The current of his feeling failed; he became his admirers.

Now he is scattered among a hundred cities
And wholly given over to unfamiliar affections,
To find his happiness in another kind of wood
And be punished under a foreign code of conscience.
The words of a dead man
Are modified in the guts of the living.

But in the importance and noise of to-morrow
When the brokers are roaring like beasts on the floor of the Bourse,
And the poor have the sufferings to which they're fairly accustomed,
And each in the cell of himself is almost convinced of his freedom,
A few thousand will think of this day
As one thinks of a day when one did something slightly unusual.
What instruments we have agree
The day of his death was a dark cold day.


You were silly like us; your gift survived it all:
The parish of rich women, physical decay,
Yourself. Mad Ireland hurt you into poetry.
Now Ireland has her madness and her weather still,
For poetry makes nothing happen: it survives
In the valley of its making where executives
Would never want to tamper, flows on south
From ranches of isolation and the busy griefs,
Raw towns that we believe and die in; it survives,
A way of happening, a mouth.


Earth, receive an honoured guest:
William Yeats is laid to rest.
Let the Irish vessel lie
Emptied of its poetry.

In the nightmare of the dark
All the dogs of Europe bark,
And the living nations wait,
Each sequestered in its hate;

Intellectual disgrace
Stares from every human face,
And the seas of pity lie
Locked and frozen in each eye.

Follow, poet, follow right
To the bottom of the night,
With your unconstraining voice
Still persuade us to rejoice;

With the farming of a verse
Make a vineyard of the curse,
Sing of human unsuccess
In a rapture of distress;

In the deserts of the heart
Let the healing fountain start,
In the prison of his days
Teach the free man how to praise.
What a privilege, to read something like this aloud. 
Night night,

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

I thought the ants were a problem....

Took Monty to the dentist for his first time yesterday after camp. I also had Sam, Lucy and my neice Sadie with me. He did great! He let them do all their picking and cleaning and counting like a real trooper, except his knees kept getting in the way. Hard to picture, but lying on the chair thingy he brought his knees up to his chin and kept them there, like a bug on his back. It was kind of funny.
After that I went to get Monty a haircut. If you have been reading this blog for any length of time, you will have noted that this is no small affair. He reacts to a haircut the way some people react to two or three scorpions tossed in their direction. So.
He was doing his whole twisty turny crying thing, with me and the three kids watching, and then the hairdresser says, "Oh NO."

"What? WHAT." I say, as I watch her pick her comb through his head.

You guessed it.


Nits. Bugs. Creepy Crawlers. Ugh.

She kicked us out lickety split. Which wasnt really lickety anything because I had to pack up the stroller, put Lucy back in her Snugli, etc. "Just go." she said. "Don't worry about paying or anything."

Which was nice of her as Monty looked like one of the last of the Mohicans with these buzzed sides and long strip of hair down the front of his head. We left, and went to Wal Mart to get the poisonous shampoo that you have to use, where no less than four people behind the pharmacy counter completely ignored me for five minutes until I kind of freaked out and yelled at them. (My calmy mommy meter was up to too-stressed-to-function at this point).

So we got back to the car and took Sadie home and last night was Forderer Family Debugging Night, with Monty getting the bugs combed out of his hair, me washing all fabrics he may have come in contact with, daddy getting the clippers out and clipping the boys down to nothing.

It was neat.

But all is well now, in case any of you were thinking of avoiding us or anything.

Peace Out.

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Mozart in Hagersville

It is a languid July evening, and the mosquitoes have not yet come out to feast. The ladies sit in a circle of lawn chairs, mellow after a delicious meal of cold roast beef, and ham, and fresh salads. The men are gathered near the back of the yard, playing bocce ball, carrying on about how close or how far, or whatever. I sip my tea and look around at this big backyard, with it's many planters full of flowers, the little sandbox in the corner, and the sky opening up behind it over the field as if you could walk forever in that direction and not meet a single soul.
I am amazed once again at how comfortable this place has become, how familiar, only a year after my parents have made it their home. This little house in Hagersville that feels like a hideaway cottage.

My aunt is imploring my cousin Whitney to sing. "C'mon, Whit, just one song!"
Whitney is a lovely tall thing who is studying opera at University. She has long dark hair up in a ponytail, high cheekbones, eyes that are like greeny brown lanterns, and freckles. She stands up, quietly tells us that she will do an aria from The Marriage of Figaro, and begins to sing.

Her voice pushes the air away on either side of her, and reaches out to us like cool water. It is lovely. And soulful. And you know what she sings about, even though it is in Italian. Heartache. Lost love. And it kind of reaches into your heart and finds your own long buried sad bits and shines them up a little.

The guys stop playing and stand there, listening. The ladies nod their faraway heads. Beside us, I see the silohuette of two neighbors, leaning forward, catching this breeze of beauty through the screen of their kitchen window. It is a moment in time.

Whitney finishes.

We are still.

Then everyone takes a breath, a sip, a scratch. A ball hits the ground with a thunk, the men resume their game, a baby cries, and the ladies start talking again.

And that is Mozart in Hagersville.

Monday, July 12, 2004

It's All Downhill From Here.

Wal Mart now sells Krispy Kreme donuts by the dozen, delivered fresh every day for $6.44. Just kill me now, please.


Sunday, July 11, 2004

Okay i usually stay away from hot topics in my blog but this question is on my mind.

Big Hoopla about GW's banning gay marriage thing. Always sooo much talk and articles about this subject and after reading Brian's post........... I have to say that this is one of the topics that I don't understand why so much energy into it? I know, I know the whole threat to the family unit. But I am not convinced that gay marriage is the biggest threat to the institution of marriage OR the family unit.

I think that marriage as an institution would be better served by concentrating all that energy into keeping DIVORCE out of the picture. Seriously. Isn't that what threatens the well being of our kids? Isn't that what makes marriage less than what it should be? The fact that you can break up this 'sacred' union with a couple of lawyers and a bit of cash any time you want to? I would like to see it become really really hard for people to get divorced once they have kids. If they think they want a divorce they should have to sign up for a full years worth of marriage counseling first. And sit in on a couple of seminars where kids talk about how their parent's divorce has affected them. And then after all this, if they still think that they have to be divorced, so be it.

I don't know, man. It seems to me that there are so many things out there that need to be addressed, I am reading in the paper today about 'honour killings' in families, and missing kids, and drug use rates among kids whose homes are broken. And Karla Homolka getting out of jail next year. And the nine month sentence for the guardians of those poor boys who were tortured. And I am thinking, why on earth is same sex marriage among the big things on our agenda?

I guess it makes for good copy. But for my money, I think the definition of marriage is already a bloody mess.


Saturday, July 10, 2004

Blogspot has been S-L-O-W for me past few days so i go on to blog and then don't have the patience (or the free time) to sit there and wait for it.
Who cares really. I am here today and that's what matters.

SWITCHFOOT WAS AWESOME. What a talented band, and wicked good songs, and a fun lead singer. Jay and I supremely enjoyed the concert. It was great to see them in such an intimate venue too, with about 700 people at the Convention center. We were I am sure among the older people there. At one point I went out to use the can and walked out into the brightly lit hallway where there was a 'parents section' set up for the parents to sit and wait while their kids were watching the concert. I walked by them quickly without thinking too much about it. Then on my way back I actually looked at the parents, who chose to stay outside the hall instead of go in and listen to this fantastic band (it was an all access all ages show so they would not have had to pay to see it or anything). And most of them were pretty much my age, if a teensy bit older. Weird. I had my usual time warpy feeling when I slip backwards and feel about fourteen.
oh well. It was a great concert. Do I repeat myself? I have 'Dare you to move' in my head now over and over. Such good songs! Okay I'm done.

Lucy went in the baby contest this morning. What a bit of nonsense that was. I ain't sour grapes because my lady didnt win or anything, they don't even announce the winners till monday. But soooo many babies! And it was like a cattle call, you lined up, you got your number, you went in front of three people with your baby, you walked away. that's it! Way to make it a community thing eh. Like how about an m/c so that there is some connectedness to the other people there other than the cursed stares people were giving to each other if their babies looked just a little too cute. Or have everyone bring a canned good as an entry fee, to make it worth something besides showing off your genetic continuations in seersucker two piece outfits and stupid hair bands with bows on them? I just felt kind of cheesy. And you know, looking around, there were some real gorgeous babies there, but to me, they are ALL beautiful. Even the ugly ones. They are perfect little specimens 'trailing clouds of glory' who have clean scrubbed faces and important little lives with no mistakes in them yet.

So there. I am going to suggest the canned good thing for next year though. (Lucy may be able to slip in as 24 month old if they have the contest in late june, hee hee).

Tonight is barbecue at me mom and dads. Take Two. I am giving Jay the night off though. He can only take so much socializing on the weekends. So I am going with Eggbert and Lady Luck. Should be fun. My semi-famous opera singer cousin Whitney will be there from BC, plus my Uncle David from Alberta is visiting. And my cousin Tanya who is a real dolly is here from Calgary.

Other than that people, I am just making my way in the world, in the words of Brian B.


Thursday, July 08, 2004

Argaloo, now i don't have comments anymore!
Austin is going to start charging me soon for his informative little emails. I am up early and taking the kidlets to camp, and i tell you i have never had this much me and lucy time ever. It rocks. tuesday i went for tea at Elisabeths, Wed I went to Staples (and spent fifty bucks on organizy supplies and new markers and a big binder with sheet protectors to start my own household journal which goes along with my new decluttered life) and then hooked up with my sis in law Roslyn and her little Madelyn, who is ten weeks younger than Luca. The babies were a bit noisy and squirmy but the vanilla bean latte was divine.

Then I went to Woolco Plaza (or Walmart Plaza, on Upper James, which was Woolco Plaza oh about twenty years ago but I can't keep up with the times) and looked around and registered Lucy in the Baby contest there that takes place this SAturday.
six years ago Sam won first place at this contest so maybe we'll get lucky again!

Today I am going to the post office and then who knows where. I just know I am having really good times bootin' around in my car with Lucy riding shotgun (in the back seat). Tomorrow (anyone bored yet?) I am going for a pedicure! The excitement never ends! And tomorrow night Jay and I are going to see SwitchFoot at the Convention Centre which will be fun fun fun as I don't think we have had a 'date night' for like four months.

So that is my itinerary, if any of you need more details feel free to email me and I will oblige.

I am reading Ken Follets "The Key to Rebecca" a real good WWII spy thriller, and still finishing "Life and Death in Shanghai" and um, I am also rereading for the thirtieth time Roald Dahls "Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar and Six More". And I am working my way through "The Ironic Christian's Companion" by Patrick Henry.
Doesn't life suck when there is nothing to read, hee hee.

Sammy is tickling Lucy right now on my bed and she is giggling and tossing her chubby arms and legs around. So cute. Eggbert the monty is eating Rice Krispies and watching Clifford. Yesterday he left the RK's on the coffee table and Lucy pulled the bowl down on top of herself. She was covered in wet Rice Krispies all over her face she looked like Hannibal Lecter.

Okay well I better get my arse in gear. Toodle-oo.

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Yay! Thanks to Austin for helping me get this kooky blog looking the way I want it.
Just a quickie today as I am off with les enfants to drop them at 'camp' as Monty calls it. Yesterday he held a little girls hand for the whole ten minute recess. He didn't know her name, he just called her 'my little girl'.
Last Comic standing was good! The roast thing was kind of hard to watch, I don't think comics today have the art of the put down as part of their talent. But it was great to see Rich LIttle, Phyllis Diller up there.
Ant is gone. He was not that talented, and a little too sensitive to be a comic, I thought. So it was a good choice.
okay i totally have to go! What am I doing blogging?!

Tuesday, July 06, 2004



Blogger has been fussy for me last few days. I keep getting the 'page cannot be displayed' thingy every time i try to get on my blog, then I get it six hundred times when I try to get on my friend's blogs. Annoying. So I was all ready to post last night but I thought I would finish doing my profile thingy. It took me about fifteen tries to get it right with the picture and everything (wrong format, too big, etc) and then my profile isnt even on my blog page like Brian's or Al's. WTH?!

I am up and at em early this morning as I have Sammy and Monty enrolled in the VBS at some church on West Fifth and Mohawk. They had a blast there yesterday and i had a blast with my 2 1/2 hour break. Well, that's not true. I stayed there for the entire time because I was worried about Monty taking off or injuring himself or well, let's face it, even missing me and being sad. So I stayed for the parents group thingy which was a bit of a snoozer. Not my kinda crowd. So today I am dropping off and taking off to go get groceries and perhaps go with Lady Luck to the Second Cup or somewhere else lovely like that.

The Forderers were kind of planning a trip to California in August to go see Jay's Oma Trudi who is in her eighties and his aunt Pam who has never even met monty or lucy. But lo, the whole birth certificate thing is making me crazy. Seems I didnt send in Lucy's Live Birth Registration ever (don't ask me why I have no excuse but sheer idiocy) so now to get a Birth cert for her I have to go twice to Toronto, get a guarantor to sign, bring it all back, pay exorbitant fees for expedited service, buy the plane tickets for proof of travel, and there are still no guarantees that we will get it on time! So I am thinking it is a sign. Don't go. So we don't think we will go. To be honest I wasnt totally keen on taking three kids on a plane and then cart them around to different houses for a week. Maybe next year.

I must go because Monty is making this awful noise that is a cross betwixt a cry and a grunt but also sounds a little like the word 'cereal'. He will make a smashing husband some day, by george.


Sunday, July 04, 2004

Beauty day. Standing under a tree with the breeze blowing you could be anywhere...On vacation at a cottage up north, out in the country stopped at the side of the road to buy an ice cream, or in your own backyard, waiting for the barbecue to heat up.

Of course, I havent done any of my own cooking yet today, good for me! We had churchola this morn, and Jay played and I sang (as best I could, which don't mean I win any juno awards but get an A for enthusiasm) so we had to be there at 845 with the whole fam damily. We went to Tim's for tea and bagel. Then after the service we went out for lunch with Sandy and Tom and the funny girl herself Lenny-Too and baby Gabriel. It was great, as we were on the 'patio' (rectangle of parking lot with fence around it) but the kids could run around as there was no way out! Whoopee! So nice to sit there and relax (to a point, of course) and talk and eat. Very fun. And I ordered myself a Smirnoff Ice Green Apple cooler which was lovely.

We had a great day also on Friday went to my parents for a barbecue. Jay said on the way home, "It seems like we have more fun at your parents now" and this is very true. I think it is the new house. It is smaller which means the family isnt spread out on different levels but together in the yard, playing badminton, kids in the little pool or sandbox, circle of lawn chairs for everyone to be able to eat and chat and have some laughs. More communal. I love their sweet little house out in Hagersville. Feels like we are at the cottage or something. And there is no dorky deep fishpond like on West Fifth so that you had the fear of kids drowning all the time threatening your peace of mind. I swear Jay or I have been on 'fishpond duty' for seven years. So Miss Lucy had her first birthday at the 'do and got some darling little bitty summer outfits. Can't believe she is one my ducky girl. Time for another one eh? HAH.

Really though, I am so on the fence-o-rama about this. I would like to add one more to the pile but then I think a little more about it and go, um, maybe not. So we shall see.

I would like to finish my bloody degree and look into what I want to do with myself once they are all in school. I was on McMaster website yesterday deciding what course to take for September. There is a Shakespeare that looks good but I think I need electives. So. Can't wait to go back though. I admit I was completely overwhelmed with the film studies course that I up and started when Lucy was nine weeks old last year. I can't believe I sqeezed an A minus out of that one. I literally felt my brain pulling apart at the exam, there may have been permanent damage done. And as I am sitting there in class I am thinking, 'Is it garbage day tomorrow? What time did Lucy eat last? I have GOT to clean out the fridge tomorrow.'

Hopefully this Sept I will be a little more focused. focussed? focused. um, able to concentrate.

Okay well I am going to change out of the miss smarty pants church clothes and go clean up a bit. I think I will see Cold Mountain tonight as I heard it's out on DVD? Look for an exciting half baked review of the Stepford Wives, which I saw last week with Oma.

Ciao. Happy Sunday.