Thursday, May 25, 2006

Don't Hate The Gate

Last summer, the wooden gate that Jay built when he and our old Italian neighbor Tony replaced the fence between our houses together was ripped off it's hinges, never to be replaced again.

It was too heavy anyway. So I was promised a new gate. A nice, simple, elegant black metal gate that could be made at Jay's shop and welded by a different Tony, who is a kick ass welder.

Fast forward to this spring. I was pretty patient, for me. But around April I started gently reminding the husband that we NEED that gate. That I can't let the kids out in the backyard without being there every second because they can escape.

Fast forward a month or so, with breaks for slightly more urgent reminders.

Then, two weeks ago, I got word that the materials had been ordered! Woo hoo! I would be able to let Lucy play outside without having to set up a sentry post of me on a lawn chair at the side of the house, so she couldn't get out. Now, Monty can get out if he wants to. Even with the old gate, if he wanted out, he would just find something to stand on, hoist himself up onto the brick wall that encloses part of our yard, and like a skilled and handsome jewel theif, scale his way back down the other side of the wall. BUT. This takes time. Much easier to go to where the gate WAS and just run out of the yard and find somewhere to hide easy peasy.

So. Two days ago, Jay came home with my beautiful gate laid gently down in the back of the truck on cardboard, gleaming with a fresh coat of black paint. I almost died.

He didn't even come in for dinner. Just got right started on putting that gate up. What a hunk.

I went outside after a half hour to see the gate.

As I was walking toward it, my heart did a little jumpy jump. Happy wife! Then I got closer.
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Can you see what I saw?
Does this help?
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My gate. That is supposed to keep them IN, is just a fancy EXIT.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Kids! They Make You Laugh.

The other day I went to Costco with Monty. I was pleased with myself, for I only bought food items, because usually I go to Costco with the intention of getting food, but somehow end up with a book, a huge package of gel pens and a pair of capris too. This time I restrained myself. (Okay, I did buy one pair of capris for $13.99.) But the rest was food! And food is essential!

Whew. Okay. So I am driving home and Monty starts talking in the back seat. He says,

"I'n a Mama, mommy."

"That's nice, honey."

"No, mommy! I'n a big fat mama."

"Monty. It's not nice to say fat."

"But I am! I'n a big fat mama. Look."


"Look at me, mommy! Like the video store!"

"Video store? What about the video store?"

"I'm a big fat mama like the video store. LOOK!"

So I look.

Scroll down to see what I saw in my rear view mirror.

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My triple package of hot dogs, on his head. Like the curlers on Big Momma's hair on the video poster for "Big Momma's House".

I almost drove off the road, I laughed so hard.

What a kid.


Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Fun With Link

Or, maybe, link with fun.

You can go to our family website and see my set from last thurs. It went not too bad... I did 90% new material, which was scary, but always interesting to see what happens.

Clink Here

Have a hellawednesday!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

A to Z last three weeks

A is for Amy, that would be me.
B is for Birthday. I turn 36 today.
C is for Comedy. Got a gig tonight.
D is for Delay. As in, 'Amy delay blogging for long time'.
E is for Exam. Wrote mine on Apr 26 and I think it went really well!
Oh, and Essay! I got an 81.
F is for Fiona Walker, just finished her book, "Kiss Chase" today. Good stuff.
G is for Girls Night Out. Having one of my stuff-parties tomorrow night.
H is for HOUSE that HAS to be CLEANED.
I is for Ill. How I will feel before going on stage tonight.
J is for Jay, my hubby who said to me before I left,
"So think about what you want for dinner tonight even though I know
it will be Chinese, and email me. I will pick it up on the way home for your birthday.
Oh! Happy Birthday, Aim!"
K is for Karate. Sam got his green belt and Monty got his yellow belt.
L is for Laughs. Please, God, make me make em laugh tonight.
M is for Mp3 player that I got off ebay for 35 bucks. Lovin' it when I'm cleaning the house or walking in my 'hood.
N is for Niece. My baby neice Elizabeth in Heaven. Who was born too soon on April 3rd, 2006, and didn't make it. Bless her little darling self. And bless her momma and daddy and sisters.
O is for Orchestra. Sammy had two violin concerts last weekend.
P is for Pie! My friend Joanne presented me with a homemade strawberry pie at 9 am this morning! It's in the fridge. I may have a little slice and then move the other slices around so it looks like I didn't have a slice yet.
Q is for Quote. Here's one:
"After thirty, a body has a mind of its own."- - - - Bette Midler
R is for Rock that Lucy got stuck up her nose when we went camping. I got it out, using the "mommy method". Ask me about it sometime.
S is for Sitting. Which I meant to do more of today.
T is for TRAILER! We bought one this year and had our first night away with it at a local
Conservation area (where the rock up the nose incident happened). Lots of work, but fun too.
U is for Upside down, like Breech. Which is how my lil nephew is in his mom's tummy. C'mon, little guy, turn around!
V is for violet. The colour of lilacs, which are blooming right now. My favourite flower by miles.
W is for Weather. And we have had some gorgeous.
X is for Xylophone. And X-ray. What?
Y is for Younger than 36. Which is how I feel.