Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Blogger has been fussy for me last few days. I keep getting the 'page cannot be displayed' thingy every time i try to get on my blog, then I get it six hundred times when I try to get on my friend's blogs. Annoying. So I was all ready to post last night but I thought I would finish doing my profile thingy. It took me about fifteen tries to get it right with the picture and everything (wrong format, too big, etc) and then my profile isnt even on my blog page like Brian's or Al's. WTH?!

I am up and at em early this morning as I have Sammy and Monty enrolled in the VBS at some church on West Fifth and Mohawk. They had a blast there yesterday and i had a blast with my 2 1/2 hour break. Well, that's not true. I stayed there for the entire time because I was worried about Monty taking off or injuring himself or well, let's face it, even missing me and being sad. So I stayed for the parents group thingy which was a bit of a snoozer. Not my kinda crowd. So today I am dropping off and taking off to go get groceries and perhaps go with Lady Luck to the Second Cup or somewhere else lovely like that.

The Forderers were kind of planning a trip to California in August to go see Jay's Oma Trudi who is in her eighties and his aunt Pam who has never even met monty or lucy. But lo, the whole birth certificate thing is making me crazy. Seems I didnt send in Lucy's Live Birth Registration ever (don't ask me why I have no excuse but sheer idiocy) so now to get a Birth cert for her I have to go twice to Toronto, get a guarantor to sign, bring it all back, pay exorbitant fees for expedited service, buy the plane tickets for proof of travel, and there are still no guarantees that we will get it on time! So I am thinking it is a sign. Don't go. So we don't think we will go. To be honest I wasnt totally keen on taking three kids on a plane and then cart them around to different houses for a week. Maybe next year.

I must go because Monty is making this awful noise that is a cross betwixt a cry and a grunt but also sounds a little like the word 'cereal'. He will make a smashing husband some day, by george.



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