Monday, July 31, 2006

hey hey

We're back!

Very nice vaycay! Kids had a blast, swimming and catching frogs and minnows (which monty kept calling 'limos') and crayfish, we hiked and sat by the fire and sat in the trailer listening to the rain, we barbecued and went into town for ice cream, explored and walked and did camp crafts. Whew!

Jay actually uploaded all the pics from the trip to our family website, if you want to check them out just go to

Because I am a bit lazy right now and don't feel like linking pics in here. I still have barely unpacked all our crap and it's been two whole days since we got home.

Have a great monday, eh.


Sunday, July 23, 2006

Packing it in

We are off to a conservation area tomorrow for five days of camping! Fun!

I am just going un petit nutzy packing all the little things. I have made eighteen lists and I don't even know where the lists are, never mind the stuff.

Monty has already worn me down and managed to get me to open the 'camping cereal' and 'camping chips'. Nobody can top him for staying on track and getting the job done. It's too bad the job is wearing his mother down so she finally says, "YES! OKAY YES! TAKE IT ALL! I CAN'T LISTEN TO ANOTHER WORD!"

Well, I do hold my ground for the important things, mostly. A box of Alpha bits is just a casualty that I am willing to concede in trade for not having my ears bleed. Did that rhyme? I think it did.

We had a nice, calm weekend. Phone hardly rang. Got stuff done around the house. Went into woods behind our neighborhood with the boys today and got tons of pieces of wood that we can burn this week. We are finding we spend way too much on campfire wood and ice when we go.
It rained like the dickens yesterday. I announced that I was having a nap about three thirty in the afternoon, and tucked myself in bed where I slept a little but mostly read Dan Brown's Deception Point. Lovely.

One sad thing is that monty's little bike got stolen! He was riding it around on friday night in front of the house. Left it on the lawn at the side (we are a corner house). I saw it out there and meant to get it but forgot. Sat about noon I remembered it was there and went to look and it was gone! Helmet too! How crummy!

What a neighborhood. I once left my brand new car running in the driveway for eight hours after night school one night. Had come home and thought I was driving the babysitter home, left it running. Went in, found that she was already gone. Went to bed! Neighbor calls us at four thirty am when he is leaving for work to tell us it is running in driveway! Nobody stole that! But a little blue and red bike (that we just got at end of summer last year, eighty dollars thank you very much) and dinosaur helmet disappear. Weird.

Alright! well it is obvious to me if not you that I am stalling because I am not in the mood per se to pack a bunch of suitcases and food and a million other thingys.

But I gotta. So I'll go and say have a great week one and all!!


Thursday, July 13, 2006

hey hey

You know how it is. It's summer. And the days are long. So you try to get out with the kids at some point. You feed them a few times a day. You hang load after load of laundry on the clothesline. You visit people. You go camping. You get groceries. You pay bills. You get new tires for your car. You relax.
But you don't really blog.

Summer's goin' good. It's busy, but not too busy. I can't BELIEVE I have a child going into GRADE SIX in the fall.

Lucy wants to be a pirate when she grows up. ain't she just a scoundrel?
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We are very much enjoying our trailer. Camping with trois enfants is alotta work, but we are getting the hang of it.

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Something about this picture reminds me of Holly Hobbie.

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We (okay not ME, but Jay and a friend and a brother in law and a neighbor and Sam) put a new garage roof on.

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And Lucy had her third birthday! Woo hoo!
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Yes that is only two candles on the cake. Two big ass dining room candles. Hey, you use what you have.
And now I must go! Happy friday to one and all!