Sunday, July 04, 2004

Beauty day. Standing under a tree with the breeze blowing you could be anywhere...On vacation at a cottage up north, out in the country stopped at the side of the road to buy an ice cream, or in your own backyard, waiting for the barbecue to heat up.

Of course, I havent done any of my own cooking yet today, good for me! We had churchola this morn, and Jay played and I sang (as best I could, which don't mean I win any juno awards but get an A for enthusiasm) so we had to be there at 845 with the whole fam damily. We went to Tim's for tea and bagel. Then after the service we went out for lunch with Sandy and Tom and the funny girl herself Lenny-Too and baby Gabriel. It was great, as we were on the 'patio' (rectangle of parking lot with fence around it) but the kids could run around as there was no way out! Whoopee! So nice to sit there and relax (to a point, of course) and talk and eat. Very fun. And I ordered myself a Smirnoff Ice Green Apple cooler which was lovely.

We had a great day also on Friday went to my parents for a barbecue. Jay said on the way home, "It seems like we have more fun at your parents now" and this is very true. I think it is the new house. It is smaller which means the family isnt spread out on different levels but together in the yard, playing badminton, kids in the little pool or sandbox, circle of lawn chairs for everyone to be able to eat and chat and have some laughs. More communal. I love their sweet little house out in Hagersville. Feels like we are at the cottage or something. And there is no dorky deep fishpond like on West Fifth so that you had the fear of kids drowning all the time threatening your peace of mind. I swear Jay or I have been on 'fishpond duty' for seven years. So Miss Lucy had her first birthday at the 'do and got some darling little bitty summer outfits. Can't believe she is one my ducky girl. Time for another one eh? HAH.

Really though, I am so on the fence-o-rama about this. I would like to add one more to the pile but then I think a little more about it and go, um, maybe not. So we shall see.

I would like to finish my bloody degree and look into what I want to do with myself once they are all in school. I was on McMaster website yesterday deciding what course to take for September. There is a Shakespeare that looks good but I think I need electives. So. Can't wait to go back though. I admit I was completely overwhelmed with the film studies course that I up and started when Lucy was nine weeks old last year. I can't believe I sqeezed an A minus out of that one. I literally felt my brain pulling apart at the exam, there may have been permanent damage done. And as I am sitting there in class I am thinking, 'Is it garbage day tomorrow? What time did Lucy eat last? I have GOT to clean out the fridge tomorrow.'

Hopefully this Sept I will be a little more focused. focussed? focused. um, able to concentrate.

Okay well I am going to change out of the miss smarty pants church clothes and go clean up a bit. I think I will see Cold Mountain tonight as I heard it's out on DVD? Look for an exciting half baked review of the Stepford Wives, which I saw last week with Oma.

Ciao. Happy Sunday.


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