Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Two good hours of TV-ing...


I have changed my mind about the Amazing Race.  It is pretty darn good.  I enjoyed tonights episode very much, with the teams all going on different flights to get to St. Petersburg in Russia to eat mounds of disgusting caviar.  I was dying for the one girl, um, Christie.  (She looked totally great in her fleece toque while crying about the nausea.)  I don't mind that Joyce and Bob are out.  They seem like they are pretty happy regardless.  The midget lady and her thyroid eyed cousin are pretty annoying though.  The one guy was talking to the bus station person and the Thyroid totally interrupted him, and then acted like HE was a jerk. 

As for LCS, sorry about my earlier post.  I totally had a brainskip and forgot that he was already eliminated!  Hardee har though, cause they all came back tonight for  a wild card challenge, even the bitter tramp herself, Bonnie McFarland.  Not sure who won, though.  I think it will be a close one between Todd Glass and Jay London, with Todd Glass winning in the end. 

Enough of TV!  My head is spinning.  I have to go email this guy who won an ebay item from me.  (Scrapbooking Software.) and I mailed him the friggin box without the actual software inside!  Whoopsie!

Night night.  Johnathan Kellerman on the bedtime reading roster.



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