Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Fo Shizzle, Hola.

Don't ask me what that means.  I saw it on the internet once on the RLS Foundation website.  (Don't laugh, but that is the Restless Legs Syndrome website, which I was on from about two in the morning until five in the morning for the last two months of my Lucy preg'cy.)  And I thought it was a funny greeting.  So now it is something I say to my sister Jen when I call her.   It always gets a laugh. 

I love using nicknames for people.  Lots of different ones for each person.  Here are some examples.

Joanne Silver - Coco, Jola, Cola, J-lo, Chanel, Jojo.
Sandra Bigas - San, Sand, Laraine, Sandro.
Jennifer Sloan - Jean-Claude, Claudia, Gigi, Gigi Fontaine, JC, Claudette.
Siobbhan Sloan - Bib, Biby, Sio, Anny Bon, Bibette.
Charlie Sloan - Chas, Chunker, Fathee, Charles.
Cari Stewart - Carola, Cari-Louise, Louise, Karpinski.

You know I like ya when I don't call ya by yer given name, is what I'm sayin.   It's fun, you should try it.  Actually, I think there are cultures where your name changes according to who is using it.  Like in Polish, if you have a son named Tomascz, and you were his mother, you would call him Tomschu.  My friend Heather used to call her son whose name was Kazmierz (Kaz) by Kazunya.  And all the kids thought his name was lasagna. 

Okay I gotta go start my day.  I am yippin about nicknames while there are hungry baby birds waiting for mama to drop some yums in their mouths.



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