Sunday, June 18, 2006

Papa's Day

Happy Father's Day to all the dads!

Happy Father's Day to you, Jay, father of our three not-so-little-anymore ones.

A few weeks ago, I watched you holding Lucy up to a drinking fountain. One arm around her waist, one hand holding both her knees, so that she was comfortably kneeling and could take her time getting a nice long drink. You didn't rush her or complain that she was heavy. You just held her there, and kissed the top of her head before putting her back down.

I love how you go out with a wrench every time we are to go on a long bike ride, and you check all our bikes for anything loose. It feels great to know you are keeping us safe, but what is even greater is that our boys are learning that that's what daddies do. Keep their brood safe.

Only a dad can take his son out to see Nacho Libre. And laugh at all the goofy stuff and come home and compete with each other to tell me the funny bits and the storyline.

I love how you never sit down at Sam's soccer games, but walk back and forth along the sidelines, keeping an eye on the ball, calling out encouragements, but never yelling mad.

It's neat to see the kids come out in the morning, one by one, and sit on the stairs like sleepy racoons, watching you get ready for work. And when you are at the door and going, you just have to say, "Okay, see you, guys!" and at least one of them always jumps up and goes flying at you for a goodbye hug. And you always laugh.

I love how Monty brings out the silly in you. And how Sam brings out the determined in you. And how Lucy brings out such tenderness, such sweetness, it catches my heart.

Happy Father's Day. With love. To you.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Picture Blog

FIRST, my sister had her baby! Little Jack Walton Mitchell was born May 31, 8lbs, 6 oz. He is utterly gorgeous and his mama did awesomely. Way to go, Sio! I need to get over there with me camera to take some pictures of him.

My new and improved gate should be ready this week. Kickass Welder Tony ended up putting one bar in between each of the other long bars.

So yay! And now for some pictures.
This is the wisteria in my friend Sandy's backyard. It's unbelievable. You can smell wisteria perfume long before you even see the tree. It looks like somebody is getting married.

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When you go underneath it and look up, you could just croak it's so pretty.

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And you know how they say in real estate that location is everything?
Well, here is a mourning dove that hears that, man.

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Okay I know! Enough of the wisteria already. But isn't it something?

Something else pretty, Lucy on a sunday morning.

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Geez, kid would it kill ya to give us a smile after spending all that time on your hairdo? And ack! What's with your mother's veiny feet?

Here is miss fancy enjoying some one on one with Bon Jovi. She even put on her good shoes for the show.

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And I love this. Monty the eggbert, just keeping the neighborhood free of crime.

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And, to be fair, something from my darling oldest child. Sly Cooper, as interpreted by Sam.
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And that's all I got, folks! Enjoy your day! When did it get June already, somebody pray tell.