Wednesday, July 14, 2004

I thought the ants were a problem....

Took Monty to the dentist for his first time yesterday after camp. I also had Sam, Lucy and my neice Sadie with me. He did great! He let them do all their picking and cleaning and counting like a real trooper, except his knees kept getting in the way. Hard to picture, but lying on the chair thingy he brought his knees up to his chin and kept them there, like a bug on his back. It was kind of funny.
After that I went to get Monty a haircut. If you have been reading this blog for any length of time, you will have noted that this is no small affair. He reacts to a haircut the way some people react to two or three scorpions tossed in their direction. So.
He was doing his whole twisty turny crying thing, with me and the three kids watching, and then the hairdresser says, "Oh NO."

"What? WHAT." I say, as I watch her pick her comb through his head.

You guessed it.


Nits. Bugs. Creepy Crawlers. Ugh.

She kicked us out lickety split. Which wasnt really lickety anything because I had to pack up the stroller, put Lucy back in her Snugli, etc. "Just go." she said. "Don't worry about paying or anything."

Which was nice of her as Monty looked like one of the last of the Mohicans with these buzzed sides and long strip of hair down the front of his head. We left, and went to Wal Mart to get the poisonous shampoo that you have to use, where no less than four people behind the pharmacy counter completely ignored me for five minutes until I kind of freaked out and yelled at them. (My calmy mommy meter was up to too-stressed-to-function at this point).

So we got back to the car and took Sadie home and last night was Forderer Family Debugging Night, with Monty getting the bugs combed out of his hair, me washing all fabrics he may have come in contact with, daddy getting the clippers out and clipping the boys down to nothing.

It was neat.

But all is well now, in case any of you were thinking of avoiding us or anything.

Peace Out.


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