Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Posting my fitness test results (already lost the paper, this is what I still remember) because i get another fit test in three months and I wanna see what changes happen.
Friday July 23
Cardio=ELITE!  WTF eh?  guess all the running i do after the chilens pays off.  So i guess this could go up to uber-elite or something.
Sit ups= 20 - below average.  Nice.
Push ups=25 - average (HATE push ups, but who likes them?)
Flexibility=above average (but I am a regular stretcher for years, so not surprising)
Wall sit =2 minutes (again, ELITE.  for my AGE, she said.  Ugh.)
Body Fat=24.9%  - average.
Weight= 120 pounds, so BMI is 22.1 - average.

I think that's it.   Not bad, really.   But I need that core strength to start improving, it will be easier on my back when I have a strong front.  It will be interesting to see what three months of regular exercising can do. 

Now I just have to get there, I guess.  Which is not hard at all.  What is hard, and annoying, is when i am twenty five minutes into my step class and they come and get me because lucy is crying.  And by the time i get back to the class it is over, and monty thinks because he saw me that it is time to go, and then it is really over.  

Anyways, enough about little miss gym, eh?  I must say that it is 7:43 and monty is sleeping soundly and Sam and Megan (cousin over for the night) are quietly drawing in the hallway.  And Lady Luck is breathin deep sleeps behind me in her cribola.  Ahhhh.  Can we all just take a minute and drink deep the peace that has settled over this house right now?


There.  Don't that feel good?

I am going to go downstairs now and clean up from supper.  Jay is working late.  (Late has changed definitions lately.  Late used to be six thirty seven.  Now late is after nine.)  Last Comic Standing is on tonight!   Whoopee!  And then I will attempt to watch the Amazing Race again since Tracy is coming over and it is her favorite show.  It's not bad, I just find it a little boring watching when they are all hanging out at the airport. 

So goodbaye.  My guess for tonight is that the chubby black guy (what the heck is his name?  Not Alonzo, the other one.) is OUT.


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