Saturday, July 10, 2004

Blogspot has been S-L-O-W for me past few days so i go on to blog and then don't have the patience (or the free time) to sit there and wait for it.
Who cares really. I am here today and that's what matters.

SWITCHFOOT WAS AWESOME. What a talented band, and wicked good songs, and a fun lead singer. Jay and I supremely enjoyed the concert. It was great to see them in such an intimate venue too, with about 700 people at the Convention center. We were I am sure among the older people there. At one point I went out to use the can and walked out into the brightly lit hallway where there was a 'parents section' set up for the parents to sit and wait while their kids were watching the concert. I walked by them quickly without thinking too much about it. Then on my way back I actually looked at the parents, who chose to stay outside the hall instead of go in and listen to this fantastic band (it was an all access all ages show so they would not have had to pay to see it or anything). And most of them were pretty much my age, if a teensy bit older. Weird. I had my usual time warpy feeling when I slip backwards and feel about fourteen.
oh well. It was a great concert. Do I repeat myself? I have 'Dare you to move' in my head now over and over. Such good songs! Okay I'm done.

Lucy went in the baby contest this morning. What a bit of nonsense that was. I ain't sour grapes because my lady didnt win or anything, they don't even announce the winners till monday. But soooo many babies! And it was like a cattle call, you lined up, you got your number, you went in front of three people with your baby, you walked away. that's it! Way to make it a community thing eh. Like how about an m/c so that there is some connectedness to the other people there other than the cursed stares people were giving to each other if their babies looked just a little too cute. Or have everyone bring a canned good as an entry fee, to make it worth something besides showing off your genetic continuations in seersucker two piece outfits and stupid hair bands with bows on them? I just felt kind of cheesy. And you know, looking around, there were some real gorgeous babies there, but to me, they are ALL beautiful. Even the ugly ones. They are perfect little specimens 'trailing clouds of glory' who have clean scrubbed faces and important little lives with no mistakes in them yet.

So there. I am going to suggest the canned good thing for next year though. (Lucy may be able to slip in as 24 month old if they have the contest in late june, hee hee).

Tonight is barbecue at me mom and dads. Take Two. I am giving Jay the night off though. He can only take so much socializing on the weekends. So I am going with Eggbert and Lady Luck. Should be fun. My semi-famous opera singer cousin Whitney will be there from BC, plus my Uncle David from Alberta is visiting. And my cousin Tanya who is a real dolly is here from Calgary.

Other than that people, I am just making my way in the world, in the words of Brian B.



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