Monday, July 19, 2004

Sandy has been gently coaxing me to join her gym for months.  And I finally gave in.  I am a Taurus, which means I don't do anything you ask me to right away, I have to come to it on my own.  Silly though.  This is a good thing.  Period. 
1.  Child care is included in the price.  I can drop off the kidlets and go work out, sit in the sauna, talk to people without running away every fifteen seconds to reel someone in, and go to the bathroom ALONE.  What a dealio.  I couldnt pay someone thirty bucks a month to watch my kids three or four times a week.  They would laugh in my face.  So this part alone is magnifico.
2.  They have a ton of classes, from body sculpting to stepping to pilates.  I am all about the classes.  I do not do well to sit there and do numerous repetitions with weights or stay on a treadmill on my own accord.  I get bored.  So this is good.
3.  It's only 31 bucks a month.  That's it.  No extra costs or anything, and I get a free month.  I spend more a month on Diet Coke than this.
4.  While most of my baby fat is gone, things have shifted.  And they won't get unshifted unless I do some real exercise.  Not just running around after the kids exercise. 
5.  Sandy goes.  So she will get me to go.  And I will get her to go. 
6.  Strength training = less aches and pains = happier mama.
So you see I am glad for having made this desishz.  Once again, my oldest and dearest friend Sandra Laraine Burnadette brings something good to my life. 
Ciao.  Gotta go brush some little teeth.


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