Thursday, July 08, 2004

Argaloo, now i don't have comments anymore!
Austin is going to start charging me soon for his informative little emails. I am up early and taking the kidlets to camp, and i tell you i have never had this much me and lucy time ever. It rocks. tuesday i went for tea at Elisabeths, Wed I went to Staples (and spent fifty bucks on organizy supplies and new markers and a big binder with sheet protectors to start my own household journal which goes along with my new decluttered life) and then hooked up with my sis in law Roslyn and her little Madelyn, who is ten weeks younger than Luca. The babies were a bit noisy and squirmy but the vanilla bean latte was divine.

Then I went to Woolco Plaza (or Walmart Plaza, on Upper James, which was Woolco Plaza oh about twenty years ago but I can't keep up with the times) and looked around and registered Lucy in the Baby contest there that takes place this SAturday.
six years ago Sam won first place at this contest so maybe we'll get lucky again!

Today I am going to the post office and then who knows where. I just know I am having really good times bootin' around in my car with Lucy riding shotgun (in the back seat). Tomorrow (anyone bored yet?) I am going for a pedicure! The excitement never ends! And tomorrow night Jay and I are going to see SwitchFoot at the Convention Centre which will be fun fun fun as I don't think we have had a 'date night' for like four months.

So that is my itinerary, if any of you need more details feel free to email me and I will oblige.

I am reading Ken Follets "The Key to Rebecca" a real good WWII spy thriller, and still finishing "Life and Death in Shanghai" and um, I am also rereading for the thirtieth time Roald Dahls "Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar and Six More". And I am working my way through "The Ironic Christian's Companion" by Patrick Henry.
Doesn't life suck when there is nothing to read, hee hee.

Sammy is tickling Lucy right now on my bed and she is giggling and tossing her chubby arms and legs around. So cute. Eggbert the monty is eating Rice Krispies and watching Clifford. Yesterday he left the RK's on the coffee table and Lucy pulled the bowl down on top of herself. She was covered in wet Rice Krispies all over her face she looked like Hannibal Lecter.

Okay well I better get my arse in gear. Toodle-oo.


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