Thursday, July 22, 2004


But at least now there is a breeze.  It is really hard to lie on my couch and reread The Bourne Identity in the evenings when I am uncomfortably hot.  My couch feels all clammy and itchy.  Like I am laying on the back of a warthog or something. 

I have gone to the gym (air conditioned!) thrice since I signed up.  I go tonight for the Kardio Knockout.  And tomorrow is my FIT test.  That'll be a laugh.  "Um, your cardio is that of a winded old man and you have 67% body fat."  Ah, well, I guess that is what I am there for eh.

Went to Mac to see an academic counselor yesterday, about scoopin up that last course and graduating with my BA in April.  Looks like it might be very possible.  So that is cool.  Just gotta register for Sept.  I am sooo looking forward to going to class.  It is such a lovely thing, to sit there sipping tea and just having to listen to someone talk, compared to what goes on in my days.  And I love school in the fall.  That Indian summer, knapsack resting on your shoulders feeling.  You feel part of it.  You feel alive, as you walk briskly towards your building, glance up at the trees that shade your path, passing students and knowing you have five minutes to get in and get settled before class starts. 

The Forderer Family has changed their vacation plans once again, since California did not work out.  Now I think we are going to the Delawana Resort on Georgian Bay for the last week ofAugust.  It looks choice, beautiful locale, tons to do, great food, and kids activities.  It ain't cheap, but I know we would probably spend a decent amount if we rented a cottage ourselves, plus food, boat rental, etc.  And I would still be COOKING and CLEANING.  Blech.  That ain't no vacayshun for mama now, is it?  I hate cooking barbecuey plates and tongs and gritty knives and forks with lukewarm soft water.  At the Delawana Resort, my friends, there is a full breakfast and dinner buffet, plus bag lunches if you are going on a boat ride or a hike.  And our room has it's own private sun deck.  Well, the room I will be calling to reserve for us later on this evening has the deck.  I have just totally talked myself into firming up these plans.  Ahh the power of the pen!

Any HOO.  I better go, it is gettin near dinner time.  Ciao for niao.


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