Thursday, November 30, 2006


Little hitch with blogger! My blog up and disappeared itself for a bit there.

Luckily, I was able to figure it out. Because it was easy to fix. Not because I have any great knowledge or anything.

Is it bloody November 30 already? Aye Yai Yai.

I don't even have anything interesting to write!

Well there are some things. But I can't say much about them yet.

And no, I'm not pregnant. In case that was one of the things you were thinking of.

Promise to put up a lovely long post soon. With pictures. Hey! I get my family portraits back from Sears on Monday! That was FUN. Trying to get three kids to be normal for a picture. While Monty was falling off the sled and laughing like a hyena, while Lucy was being shy and pulling up her corduroy skirt every two minutes. While Sam was lunging from side to side in some weird way.

We shall see. I know some of them turned out. I didn't pay ninety bucks for crap.

Hope everyone has a great thursday November 30th! NOVEMBER 30th!


Monday, November 06, 2006

Forgot this.

I tried the treadmill. Jay supervised me and I hopped up there and gave it a little whirl. Cept I got in trouble because I was eating a Dorito when I got on, and a little crumb fell down and rolled along with the rolly thingy and disappeared under the treadmill. Oops. Jay said,

"Aim! Who knows where that crumb is going to end up! No eating on the treadmill!"

Sheesh. What was I supposed to do, put the Dorito in my pocket while I tried the thing?

What's on YOUR work desktop?

I found the perfect desktop picture for my new job. Because I get frustrated not knowing so many things, and I am kinda tired some days and I miss my old life. And this fits all that and more.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The more would be the good bits, that i am learning new things and the sun sometimes comes through my window just right and once in a while I go, "Aha!"

And I get to eat lunch with my hubby every day. There's that.

Shirley sorta expresses the weekend just past too. It seemed like my kids fought all weekend. Everytime they were in the same room together (and sometimes even when they weren't) they were arguing about something. There were karate chops, too.

Shirley is so cute! Look at that one curl. Focus on it, and it will make you feel better.


Friday, November 03, 2006

postess with the mostess

It is such a different feeling, now that it's November. I love that dark after supper light a candle cosy feeling.

Sam is playing indoor soccer this season. He has gone hog wild for soccer this year. He walks around the house balancing a soccer ball on his foot like Ronaldinho (sp?). He had a game last night and played well! Woo hoo! Two goals and an assist! He has never been a real sporty kid, more into drawing and violin and trying to teach himself chinese. But now it's all about le football. And what a rush to see him scooting around the field, making contact with the ball!

Jay bought the treadmill. It's bloody huge. It will be handy for hanging clothes on, I am sure. I may even string some Christmas lights on it. I will try the treadmill, of course, but I make no promises. I hate working out. When everything is done (which is never) around the house, the LAST thing I want to do is exert myself. There is just so much great TV to watch and books to be read and surfing to do. On my arse. In a chair.

Tomorrow is Saturday! That means German school for the boys and orchestra practice for Sam and music team rehearsal at church for Jay and I in the evening. Saturdays are busy for us. I also plan to hit a couple of church Christmas bazaars with Luca while German school is going on. LOVE bazaars. Penny sales! Baked goods! White Elephant table!

Picture time. Kids on Halloween night.

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Lucy is wearing Sam's Teletubby costume that Grandma made him when he was three. Monty is a karate guy wearing his own gi because the Power Ranger costume I got him second hand did not come with a mask so he refused to wear it. Sam is, what else? A German Soccer Player.

Have a fantabulous friday folks!