Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A bit of Sweetness

This is a short video of Lucy singing. It's pretty damn cute if I do say so myself.

Sunday, January 07, 2007


Well kids are back to school tomorrow, thank you very much. It's time, too. Jay and I had one of those weekends where we just look at each other and go, "Whose idea was it to have three kids?"

I am no longer full time employed. YEAH BABY! Jay actually left the place we work at, found something new/different/better and I told them I can only do two days a week, and some stuff from home. And they went for it. Cool eh? I was hating on the full time thing, let me tell youse. And I think my MIL was about done with it too. So a good way to start the new year! Back in my house, most of the time! I can give Lucy triple the smooches! We can go out for lunch together! And shopping and lady time! Forget about it!

On Christmas day I had picked out the nicest gymboree black velvet jumper for Lucy (secondhand of course, it cost me 2.99) with cherries on it. I agonized over whether she should wear a red blouse or a white blouse under it, finally settling on white (bought new! for $11.99!).
Unfortunately (but only a bit unfortunately) she got herself a Supergirl T shirt from Santa, and inSISted on wearing the super girl shirt under the black velvet jumper. And she worked it. The kids'll wear anything these days!

I am memorizing like a fiend these days. I am going to be in a play! In March.
It is called "I Never Saw Another Butterfly". I am playing the lead, God help me. They should have given the part to someone with much, much younger brain cells than me.

We got the kids a new keyboard for christmas, and Sam has been playing it non stop. He also got a 'how to' guitar book and has been playing that too. I love it. I just wish he would try something else besides the canon in D minor and Led Zeppelins Immigrant Song. Just for a change.

Well that's all the bits for now. Rec Room date with hubby. Amy out.

Monday, January 01, 2007

All I wanted for Christmas is......

Monty's four front teeth.

We had a nice Christmas around here. Lots of food, lots of presents and crazy christmas chaos.

The one glitch was a little event that happened on Christmas Eve, after I had put Monty to bed. An hour later he came running out of his room screaming with blood pouring out of his mouth. It seems that he tried to tie a shoelace around one of his teeth to pull it out. The shoelace was hanging from Sam's loft bed. Monty was sitting on the edge of his (much lower) loft bed with the shoelace in his mouth and he fell. Basically hung himself by his teeth.

One tooth was about six feet away. The other was nowhere to be found. The two teeth in the middle were almost ripped out but not quite. The dentist took them out on saturday. So in one night, the kid lost four of his beautiful baby teeth. And almost gave me and his father a heart attack. The blood! The shaking! The not knowing what the hell had happened! We spent a few hours at the emergency dentist on Christmas Eve.

And one of the kickers too is that jay just changed jobs and we have no dental coverage for three months! So a nice little four hundred dollar expense right at Christmas! I am overdoing it! on the exclamation points but I can't help it!

For dramatic effect, here is how monty looked before Christmas eve.

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So cute! Like a kid in a crest commercial!

And here is the after!

Are you ready?

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I know. At least he is still smiling, eh. Again, I write these three words....
What a kid.

Well, happy new year to everyone. May 2007 be your year.