Thursday, July 29, 2004

Guten Morgen.

There is an unbelievably bad smell coming from something in my living room.  I have found a spot on the carpet where something was spilled that reeks, and I am hoping that is it.  The Febreeze ain't working.  The spot cleaning didnt help.  Now I am thinking of renting a carpet cleaner and doing the whole carpet.  I think it must be an old milk spill that, once wet, has just funked out and the bacteria is multiplying and funkifying everything.  Disgusting.

What a long day yesterday.  I was close to tears when I talked to Jay at 530.  Just plain worn out by Sam and Monty constantly bursting into fights about whatever.  And Sam being mouthy.  And Monty climbing on the counter every five minutes.  You know how it is.  And I get soooo frustrated and angry.  Making them go to their rooms doesn't satisfy my urge to make them pay for how they are making me feel.  So the adrenaline just gets to race around my body like a pinball with no hole to drop into at the bottom.  It just pings off everything, racking up the points and making me crazy.

I took them for a walk, and put all my fierce energy into maneuvering the double stroller.  Then I came home, put two to bed, and cleaned out three of my cupboards.  And vacuumed the living room.  And waited for Jay to get home.

I did get a good night's sleep though.  No restless legs, no four am wakey wakey sit in the rocking chair eating a popsicle looking out at my street.  I slept like a log.  Which is a real treat. 

I better go, gotta pick up Monty and then take Oma from Zellers to Fortinos and take myself to the dentiste.  It has been two years.  Wish me luck.



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