Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Yay! Thanks to Austin for helping me get this kooky blog looking the way I want it.
Just a quickie today as I am off with les enfants to drop them at 'camp' as Monty calls it. Yesterday he held a little girls hand for the whole ten minute recess. He didn't know her name, he just called her 'my little girl'.
Last Comic standing was good! The roast thing was kind of hard to watch, I don't think comics today have the art of the put down as part of their talent. But it was great to see Rich LIttle, Phyllis Diller up there.
Ant is gone. He was not that talented, and a little too sensitive to be a comic, I thought. So it was a good choice.
okay i totally have to go! What am I doing blogging?!


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