Monday, May 16, 2005

Yesterday, (I mean today, Monday) all my troubles seemed so HERE TO STAY.
Longest monday on record for a while. I had Sam home for the morning because he wasn't feeling too good, and he was tired. And it should have been fine.

A better mother could have handled it.

Really. That's how it feels, when every five minutes they are making a new mess, or fighting, or Lucy is crying because Monty is 'just playing' with her. Blech.
A whole box of straws, all over the kitchen floor. A big can of apple juice, M tries to pour it for himself when I am upstairs changing Lucy's bum, and spills it all over a stool, down the legs of the stool, onto the floor around the stool.
As I am volumizing my reaction to this ordealio, Lucy is upstairs playing in the toilet, because I forgot to shut and lock the bathroom door.
And I am tripping over toys, and the house is, as my father would have said, "The Height of Piggery."
And I am yelling like an idiot. Which has by this point lost it's effectiveness. I am just that crazy yelling lady don't mind her she will quiet down if there is Diet Coke.

I am on the phone with my friend Cari. And I am trying to put Monty's shoes on for school after calling him to me six hundred and fifty six times. And he kicks me in the face. By accident, of course, it is one of those struggling kicks, like, I don wanna go to school kicks. I stand up. Walk AWAY. Go into the living room, get Lucy's coat on. Come back to the kitchen. M. has dumped a basket of dirty clothes all over the kitchen floor.

I grab the toy pistol he has been playing with for two weeks. Right out of his hands. I snap it in two. I throw it in the garbage.

He throws himself on the floor. Crying. And I am fine with that. I am actually more than fine with that. I am happy that he is miserable.

"Time for school, Monty." I pick him up. Take him to the van. Go back, get Lucy, take her to the van. Yell up the stairs for the fourteenth time for Sam to come to the van. Sam tells me to "ReLAAXXX!"

It was just one of those days. One of those days when you are like, "Yuck." When your energy seems to seep out your toenails. When the good feelings you may have had about things on the weekend take a little trip and leave you with the nasties.

After school I just got through. I gave them dinner (tabouli and broccoli salad- it's called revenge, people, don't judge me.) and then took Sam to karate. Jay is teaching a course this week so it will be just us (by that I mean me and the three amigos) till after nine pm through Wednesday. I was too lazy and too much of a bad parent to let monty and lucy play at the park near the karate so we just drove around for half an hour. Lucy is at that age where the park is work. She runs willy nilly and it is all you can do to keep up with her so she doesn't get kilt.

Things looked up around eight. Put M in bed, then Lucy. Then Tracy came over and it was time for 24. Which was great. Then Jay came home safe and sound. So in the end. I am sure I have slipped down in the ratings for MOTY 2005 but I was pretty far down in the placings anyway. Alls I know is everyone is asleep and fine and tomorrow is another day.

The thing is, Mondays come every week, no matter how many dirty looks you give them. But, thankfully, they only last twenty four hours.



At 6:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I say - if those days only come on Mondays, you're doin' alright girl! My sympathies!

At 8:38 AM, Anonymous lawbrat said...

Amy- everyone with kids has been there. When you wrote 'I grab the toy pistol he has been playing with for two weeks. Right out of his hands. I snap it in two. I throw it in the garbage.' I. CRACKED. UP. OMG! That is too funny, because I've done it, and felt the same way. LOL! And Lucy being 'work' at the park...I feel your pain girlfriend! On some days 8:00 just dosent come fast enough.
I had a really bad bad bad day - im sure many times- but this sticks out: I dont remember the whole day, but Brennen was about 6 and Hunter 2. Hunter still wouldnt poop in the potty, but wore underware. The last straw for me was the poop in the pants mess. I got Hunter into the tub and just sat on the bathroom floor sobbing, sobbing, and sobbing some more. I thought I was the worst mom, I couldnt take any more, why am I being punished...ect.

You are a fantastic mom! Dont forget that.

At 9:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I suck at remembering who wrote what, but there is a song about hating Mondays! Probably for good reason! Take heart that it is only once a week and it is God's way of making you appreciate Weekends or Tuesdays or Wednesdays.....or just the plain old days when it's sunny outside and you can laugh at your garbage picking neighbour! Everything points to you being right up there for MOTY 2005! Keep your chin up cause Tuesday is another day!

At 10:39 AM, Blogger KC said...

Oh Amy, We've all been there. There are so many days when I can't cope that I end up sitting my son in his room for a Dora the Explorerthon just to buy me a few hours of peace and quiet. And I only have the one.

You're a great mom. You proved it by throwing the toy in the trash and walking away. Have you tried the "Supernanny" naughty corner with your kids? I was so skeptical watching it on TV, but I started trying it with my son and it really does work.

{{{{{{HUG}}}}}}}} Too bad we're so far away from each other. Otherwise I'd volunteer my husband to watch all the kids while we go and get pedicures.

At 10:48 AM, Blogger Empowerqueen said...

Amy- You are NORMAL! We have eight children and four grand babies....When our youngiest, now a pre-teen entered preschool it was the first time in seventeen years I heard silence!!!! I sat there the entire time she was gone having complete thoughts! You will only remember the good things and time passes quickly. Never let them see you fear and don't let them take your sanity..
Grace be with you all...

At 10:50 AM, Blogger Christy said...

Amy: We've all been there, girlfriend. Whoever implied this motherhood thing was easy needs to cuffed.

There is no MOTY..she's a figment of the Hallmark people's imagination. There is really only normal women doing their best, even though it seems like we're going through the motions.

Hang in there and don't forget your value to your children. They need you, no matter how you percieve yourself and moments of parenting brain aneurysms are normal.

At 10:50 PM, Blogger Amy said...

Ang- Thanks! And I send you encouragement back through the airwaves with your own little brood of chicks!

Lawbrat/Dawn- your comments always make me smile. You are just great.

Linda- Yeah those Boomtown Rats hit the nail on my head with that song. Thanks.

KC- Thanks for the (()))! I gotta check out this supernanny.

empowerqueen- I bow down before your eight children greatness! Holy Cow!

Christy! Merci, my friend. Love the 'parental brain anuerisms'. Totally right you be.

At 3:25 AM, Blogger Random and Odd said...

that TIMES FIVE...with two 12 year old attitudes.

I'm feeling ya.


At 9:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Daughter
What a day you had!
just like your other commenters, I can relate. You obviously reminded us of our hard days and "bad mother" feelings.
Try to remember though that just like you guys tell stories of some of my mother craziness when you were growing up, your kids memories will be tempered by their love for you and all the sweet , warm, funny , special moments they have shared with you. LOLOVE Mom

At 8:08 PM, Blogger Annejelynn said...

Amy, I'm sharing this post w/ my honey-man...the challenges of parenting! No one is alone when it comes to that!

At 8:09 PM, Blogger Annejelynn said...

oh and tabouli and broccoli salad wouldn't work on his boy-O...that kid will eat ANYTHING!


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