Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Yay! Chloe is back on 24! Gotta love that saucy smirk of hers. She is the best, and I am glad poor ole Edgar-"I'm-doing-it-as-fast-as-I-can" has some back up.

Except I think she is totally a double agent now. They got to her when she had her four hours at home with her messy hair and comfy clothes on. I know this because of that teeny half-mouthed smile she did after she hung up the phone on Michelle. She is working for 'the cause'. Mark me words.

It was a good episode. I am sorry to see the spooky Dina Araz go. I did like her character, and I will miss her saying, "Eye Wont teh zee Mahye SZON!" every five minutes.

We got a Van!

The 2000 Windstar with the 54,000 kms on it is ours. We pick it up next week. They tried to sell us all that crap like life insurance (on car payments, give me a bloody brake.) and undercoating, and the 'business manager' (AKA rust-proofing salesperson) was a tad annoyed with us when we said no, we don't want any of that, but oh well. I can't wait to get out of my still sorta stinky Accord. And I can't believe that my extreme cleaning job didn't get rid of it. Blech.

Ummmm, what else. It is 10 and I am dog tired. Spring, eh. Kids were out for three hours afterschool. Which is nice, in a way that they are so excited to get the bikes and skateboard out and friends over, etc. Not so nice when it's Monty climbing all over the place pulling out twenty things to play with and then taking off down the street on his bike. He is still kinda too little to be out there with the big boys, I think. I still don't trust him 100% to not run on the road or run away, so it might well be a long summer. And my Luca is like a red-headed pinball out there, no qualms about walking right off the end of the driveway at any given second. So mamma will be getting off her big white butt methinks and doing some serious corralling this spring. At least until they make those perimeter-zapper things you use to keep the dogs under control, at least until they make a kinder, gentler kiddy version.

Signing off, still have dinner aftermath to deal with.



At 11:57 AM, Blogger Trace said...

I totally missed 24 cause I had to be all high-profile and go to an industry get-together at the racetrack. I can't believe I missed all that good stuff. You'll have to give me the finer details later. And yay on getting a Truck, I mean Van (haha).The stinky accord is on its way to some unsuspecting family. bwaahaahaa

Yay Spring.

At 1:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congrats on the van Aim! I think we'll stick it out a while longer with what we have but eventually, we too shall have to look in that direction. With 4 women and a driver (oops, I mean husband!) all in one vehicle? Poor Nobu!


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