Sunday, March 13, 2005

Random Thoughts from a woman awake too late with RLS.

Blogging is like working out. You shouldn't let yourself go too many days without doing it. Cause then you get lazy. And you think, ah well, what's the point now I am letting myself go anyways........

Speaking of working out.... Nah. Not going there. I am in the PFAGMBNGAA club. (Paying For a Gym Membership But Not Going At All Club.) I keep thinking I will go and then this crazy little thing called Life gets in the way.

Just doing my part to keep the economy going, aren't i? I mean, most gyms couldn't operate unless they had a certain percentage of people that paid but never went. We all have to do something.

Had a splendid night last. GOT AWAY. For those of you parents who will immediately get an angry red jealousy rash that I got away, let me tell you, it was a long time coming. Since my lady luck has been born we have gotten away for only one other night without kids and that was last June.

We had fun, went to Cambridge with Lisa and Bruce and went out to the Country bar that Lisa works at and saw a good band (even though we are not ultra familiar with the country music). Then we stayed at the Best Western in Cambridge. Ahh, the sleep was good let me tell you. Sleep is the new sex when you've been parents for a while. Jay's work called the cell phone at 7:30 am and then we blacked out until 11 am. It is AMAZING how you can focus on sleeping when there is noone beside your bed poking a finger into your eye and saying, "ITS THEMORNING TIME, MOMMY GET ME MIIIILLLKKKK!" It really is a good thing we aren't on a farm. Because I know there would be many times I would just tell Monty to go milk the cow himself and he would and it would probably be unsanitary.

So good night. And then we still had some free time till my sister brought home Lucy, so we went for lunch at Romano's on Upper James. YUM. Again with the antipasto, I swear I should have been born in an olive grove in Italy. And they make their own bread there and let me tell you the squishiness and deliciousness of that bread is something to bore your friends about.

I am not sure what is up with me and olives. I hate them for my first thirty years, then I tolerate them because Jay likes them on pizza and I don't despise black olives. Then about three weeks ago I have this green olive epiphany. I eat a couple and the saltiness and tanginess thrills me to bits of pimento and now I can NOT eat enough green olives. Seriously last week I ate a jar and a half. Sleep and olives are the new sex.

Alright well, I better go sleep now if my legs will have it. Gotta get up for church in the mornin' you know. And it's Sunday! A great day for green olives.


PS. Hey Ang, this was for you.