Monday, March 21, 2005

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I love this picture, it's by James Christensen. I love all the details, and I love her simple red shoes. This is a nice way to think of my job here in my domicile.

On the Type F personality transformation front, I cleaned out my car today. I mean, I DETAILED IT. I called a place to ask about getting it done and it was $139 to do the interior alone. After the small stroke I had (left eye still not blinking) I said, "oh, um. Can I call you back?" Which is my version of being assertive and saying that is too WAY too much money. That I can get my HOUSE done for 90 bucks, never mind my little sedan.

So, armed with Zep carpet and upholstery cleaner I went to town on that sucker whilst M and S were at school and L was napping. It felt good to give it a real go. I tripped over the Shop Vac cord only twice, the first time was just a little trip, stand up quick, look around to see if any neighbors saw me. The second time was a bonafide Raymond Grouchy fall forward, couldn't get my legs in front of me to stop the inertia so I had to put my hands out and well if I was in the army it would have looked like some badass captain just screamed in my ear to drop and give him twenty.

But aside from the two Shop Vac spasticolas I did a good job. The funky smell is outta there, replaced by the refreshing if a little chemical smell of ZEP. So now when I bring the car into the Honda Dealership they won't tell me to get that stinking automobile the hell off their property. Which is nice.

We have decided to go probably with a 2000 Windstar that is in impeccable shape (aka no kids in it ever) instead of an Odyssey. Honda makes great cars, byes oh byes but they are too expensive!

The annoying thing about car shopping is that the salesperson tells you whatever he thinks you want to hear.

Approaching the Windstar, he says,

"The great thing about this van is that it doesn't have power doors! Because those are the first thing you usually have problems with!"

Then we are looking at a 2004 Odyssey.

"Here you have your power doors! Aren't these so convenient with the kids! They are great!"


Thinking now I could probably be a good car salesman. I have that dualistic personality sometimes.

Alright well I better go take my MIL to my SIL's now.



At 8:45 PM, Blogger claire said...

one of my favorite things to do at the end of my day is read your blog. they are so funny.. i love the way you tell stories. that army comment was hilarious! :)
your entries are so sarcastic and its great.. i use mine usually to vent when im pissed off.. so its nice to read a light-hearted one

At 1:31 PM, Blogger Mrs.Strizzay said...

That is so funny.

My friends mom sells cars, they make akilling off the used ones. New ones they only make (the salespeople) 50 bucks a pop. Just thought Id share. lol/.

At 2:14 PM, Anonymous brother chunk said...

Raymond Grouchy! hehe


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