Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Home from class. Too late to bother watching CSI NY. Jay is taping it for me, so no worries. I am kind of tired. Class was alright. It was all about SEX. Well, pornography to be specific. We talked about anti-porn vs um, pro-porn(?), Hustler Magazine, sex as an ideology, and a bunch of other stuff that my brain is too tired to remember. It was kind of overwhelming. I mean you could start today to try to find out about all the different types of sexual things in our culture and someone would find you maybe in six or seven years or so, half crazy and still not finished getting through everything.

So I probably won't be exploring this part of the course for my essay. I will, however, have to explore something by next wednesday if I want to do better than a crummy C. And wouldntcha know I have two gigs with my ma, one on Friday one on Saturday. So I have to use a few watts of brain juice to remember my stand up bits for those. So I realistically won't be starting until Saturday afternoon. I may have to lock myself in my car to get some peace and quiet to read and write. You know, I always think of my neighbors houses. Half of them are just with these older couples living there, I wish I could just say, 'Hey Tony, do you mind if I go up to one of your spare bedrooms and do some homework?' That way I would have no travel time, would be right next door if anyone needed me for anything, and I would be able to think a thought without the song from Bob the Builder in my head.

That reminds me. When Monty started watching Bob the Builder a few years ago I used to get very disturbed by the opening song. I am over it now, but one line where they say the names of some of the characters is "Scoop, Muck and Busy", and to me it sounded far too close to "Soup F**kin' Busy". It used to freak me out. Say it (the first one) yourself, you will see what I mean.

Other than this fascinating tidbit of information I am mentally tapped out. Time for a bath.

Night night. Or guten morgen I suppose.


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