Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Hey, how's it goin?

It's Tues afternoon and just a bit dark and windy out. Perfectamundo Octobre weather. Makes me want to light candles and put on socks so thick I couldn't fit my shoes on over 'em. And snuggle on the couch with mes enfants. Ahh. Bliss. Except mes enfants would not stay put, and I would just get all annoyed about having to un-snuggle myself every three minutes to see where they went, or what's that crackling noise, or how come she is crying?

There is nothing like an uninterrupted afternoon snug on the couch. If you have had one lately, consider yourself among the privileged. Give yourself a lucky me.

Monty is still working out the bugs of being a school boy. So cute how he is a bit frowny after school, like someone tricked him into being awake for too long. He throws himself headlong into each day, so by noon he is a little tapped out. And then he has to rise to the occasion and go to school with all the kids. And then run for the bus stop. So by the time he gets home he is like, "Who-oa."

Tonight I plan to paint the bathroom. It is getting finished. I bought lovely taps for the sink at HD. Man, you could spend a fortune on taps! They had ones there for 350 bucks. Unbelievable. I was reading in the paper about some house in Burlington that is getting demolitioned (w?) because it doesnt meet the new owner's needs. My, how far from the basics can you be that a 10,000 square foot home with six bedrooms and six bathrooms doesn't meet your needs? This home had about a half a million worth of renovations just three years ago. The pictures of it are unbelievable. Miele appliances, marble countertops, huge gorgeous fireplaces, pristine carpets, gleaming hardwood...the woiks.

On Saturday they are auctioning off everything in the house that can be taken out before it gets smashed to the ground. I would love to meet the new owners. Wouldn't you? They probably wouldnt want to meet me. Because I would have to throttle them just a little for answers about this insane course of action they are taking. Hey, if you are that rich that you can destroy a mansion to build a new one, why dontcha just donate that mansion to charity and build a new one someplace else? What is this tearing down nonsense?

I dont even feel right about replacing my bathtub. It seems like a really big thing to toss into a landfill when it still works fine. I still have toilet guilt. This is not some Freudian thing but I think of those two toilets that we put out on bulk garbage day, the harvest gold one and the lilac one and wonder if they could have had a new life somewhere. Could someone have fixed them up or used them as planters or something. Eeeuuww! What's wrong with me? Toilet planters?

Any. HOO. When the ocean levels rise up with the global warming we will need some stuff to stand on so we don't all drown. We can stand on the huge piles of garbage that we made. Easy Peasy.

I better go make-a da meatballz for din din. Whenever Tony Soprano (OOps, I mean Jay) calls me and asks whats for supper and I tell him Spag and meatballs he gets all happy. I could serve it six days a week and he would be thrilled.

I also have to unpack the six bags of stuff from the NO FRILLS DOLLAR SALE I got this afternoon. Good deals!

Red Rose Tea 36 bags $1.00
Lipton Soupworks $1.00
Frozen baguettes from Dempsters $1.00
Rice Crackers (my new favething) $1.00
10 packs of Hot Chocolate (Carnation)....You guessed it $1.00.

what do I, work for No Frills? Am I totally stalling going downstairs to my messy kitchen or WHAT@! Okay, okay i will quit being a lazy bee-awtch and go get to work. Stop nagging me already.




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