Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Lesson Learned: If you are painting your bathroom and you stand on the paint can a bunch of times to reach the high spots, the paint can is really hard to open after.

I could so not go to class tonight. I would enjoy dinner with ma famille (well, enjoy if people mind their p's and q's, tolerate is more the word if the behaviour is as usual), then maybe scoot out to Eastgate to get some pictures developed and buy a new shower curtain, then come home and paint for a bit, then watch CSI NY, then paint a bit more, then go to bed.

But I gotta go to class. Argh. It would be like missing a weeks worth of classes. And it's not like I am some counterculture genius either. I need all the information I can get. And I figured out (just now) that each class costs me $36.92. So it would be like throwing money out the window. So relax, I am not skipping. I am just enjoying thinking about it.

Today was a good book group. We talked about being happy for people when they have good fortune and genuinely feeling sad with/for them when they don't. I personally find it hard to celebrate when people get good stuff happening in their lives and I don't. They have to really deserve the good things from my perspective before I feel good for them. Kind of crappy of me, I know. But it's the truth. I am working on it as of now, okay.

The good thing is that most of my people do deserve good things. If you don't, you know who you are. HAH! Just kidding.

My mom always says that if we all had the chance to put our problems on a table and take someone elses, we would all take our own back. I guess this is true for the most part, but can I say that I would totally take Jessica Simpson's problems over mine. Have you ever seen Newlyweds on Much Music? Man, her problems are like, getting a manicure that takes too long so that she has to buy dinner instead of make it herself. Or having difficulty finding long enough fake eyelashes for her Barbarella Birthday costume. Or spending $1400 on underwear and having her hubby Nick say, "Jess, that's crazy."

What a dolce vita. I should have such issues.

Why do I sound jewish all of a sudden? Oy vey, the complaining has changed me. I need a pick me up. There's gotta be some leftover candy from Sam's party somewhere around here.....



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