Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Sam can play Jingle Bells and Twinkle Twinkle on the violin already. Amazing how kids pick things up and start playing them. I could take violin lessons for a year and it would still sound like a cat being castrated. That kid has had three lessons.

Can I show you the next essay topic due in two weeks for my counterculture class?

"One of the difficulties in teaching others about countercultures is creating the sense that anyone can participate. Based on the readings (at least three, up to and including the due date) and your own experiences, critically evaluate the veracity of this claim. To what extent is it possible or not possible. Is being countercultural realistic? Does one need to be a “hero” to be countercultural? What is the relationship between the individual and the communal, between the dominant and the resistant?"

Thus far I have three words. W. T. F.

So that's that. If anyone has any ideas whatsoever please. Don't be shy. I thought my film studies class last year was a challenge. This one is going to kill me. I just want to write what I want to write. Blogolas, Pomes, Stories. I like Austin's idea of doing the novel thing. I may endeavour to do it myself. Cause you just know I need another project in my life. I have a couple of humor gigs coming up too.

Hmm. What else. Today was gorgeous. I noticed this when I went out to walk Monty across the street to my neighbor who drove him to school (she is a doll for sure). So of this whole beauty day I spent three minutes of it outside. What a hermit. I felt this vague sense of urgency that I should be out enjoying what was probably one of the few nice days left before the spectre of winter sets in. But I wasnt feelin good today. Woke up in the middle of the night and just felt overwhelmingly nauseous. I was like, in this turtle position on the kitchen floor because it felt cool to my forehead at four in the morning. And I kind of fell asleep like that. And I woke up and I swear I thought someone had removed my legs. I couldnt unfold myself! Everything was like lead, then all tingly for twenty minutes. What a wreck.

Woke up this morning and was nauseous again. So I thought I would be smart and took half a gravol with a gulp of water. Then I was really sick, running up the stairs ducking right and left so as not to trample on my kids who had just woken up themselves and were creeping about the upstairs hallway like sleepy new kittens. Hurled. Scared the kids. Jay kept asking me why was I sick? I was like, "I. don't. Know."

So I was in hibernatificating mode today. Felt miles better by lunchtime, although I kind of wanted to drag it out a bit. But who would I drag it out to? I mean, it's different when you are the mommy. If jay was sick he would call in to work and lie around all day. But when I am sick there is noone to call in to. It's sink or swim, baby. And nothing sucks more than to have to drag your nauseous head around the house getting people glasses of milk and changing diapers and timing people out. Blech.

But now I am better. And I am off to see if there is anything decent on at ten pm, since all my laundry is put away.



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