Friday, October 15, 2004

Whoa the posting section is totally different on here. Scaary.

This weekend will be brought to you by the letters B for bathroom and SP for Sam's Party. Supposed to be taking Sammy and some buds to Hidden Valley Park tomorrow. But if the weather is all gael force and pouring rain like it was today, it might not be that much fun for the kids. Hmmm.

If we took them all to a movie it would probably cost over a hundred bucks. If we had them all at the house for activities and treats it would be cheaper on the pocketbook, but costly in other ways. I gotta think about this one. Shark Tale is out, would be fun to go and see, and I could make everybody a little treat bag to sneak in with them....

Two more minutes and I gotta go to the school. I have been watching Sam take Monty to the bus stop for four days now, and I think he is just about ready to do it without me there. They look like little babes in the woods holding hands walking across the yard. And the bus drops em off right in front of my house. How deadly is that?

Well, happy weekend everyone. If you are looking for a movie to rent, do Dogtown and Z boys. I promise you will enjoy.



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