Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Chewsday evening, 7:03 pm.

Taking a minute up in my room. Okay, five. Luca is pulling all the stuff out of the two bottom drawers of my dresser and one by one putting things around her neck and then flinging them. Hey, I forgot about those pajama bottoms. Eggbert is watching Little Bear. Sammy is down at Oma's doing his homework. Hopefully. He has been off school for two days with The Cough.

Daddy no home yet. Maybe by eight. I took the kids for a drive after school just to make the afterschool to dinner time go faster. It kind of worked. I think I am having a blood sugar crash right about now. Let's do the tally, shall we?

1 rockets
1 Jolly Rancher Lollypop (okay half, they caught me and I had to share.)
2 little mini Crunchie bars.
1 mini Kit Kat bar minus a bite for Monty
1 turtles turtle. (Not sure which ritzy house gave those out but I am wishing now we had doubled back on that one. Wait. No, I am not.)
1 little Caramilk (1 measly square, what's up with that.)

That is today's candy toll for me. It could be worse.


It could always be worse, couldn't it? I coulda ate the whole damn bag. Back in the eating-disordered days I coulda. But i am happy to say that after years of nonsense and then hard, hard WORK, I don't have to eat the whole bag. I don't even want to.

So looking at the above tally of candy consumed a little at a time over 12 hours actually makes me kind of proud of myself.


Peace out. (Or as we candy lovers say, Piece out.)


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