Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Life Is Good Again.

Essay complete. Crisis Averted. We have reached Defcon 3.

You know, having things like essays to write or drama scripts to memorize or speaking engagements to prepare for can be very hard on a person. But then you are printing out the essay, or on stage performing the drama, or walking out of the building that you just did a presentation in. And it's a RUSH. The sense of accomplishment is almost worth the bst it took to get you there. If we aren't struggling a bit in life, are we doing all we could? If I took the easy route, I would not have the audacity to call myself an occasional public speaker. I definitely would not be almost done my BA. It gets me thinking, where else in life could I be working a little harder. Hmmmm.

Okay enough of that. No need to bite off more than I can chew so soon after the trauma of the essay, hee hee.

Really though, the ease and bliss that I will feel tonight after class when I settle in my fave chair to savour the second half of CSI NY will be sweet beyond sweet.

Next on my agenda is to get myself to the eye doc to see what the hell is wrong with my eyes. I am okay reading the blackboard and then I go to take notes and it's like I am blind. I have to strain to focus on my notebook. Weird. It must be an age thing (UGH.) Both mes parents have glasses so no surprise. If the doc just tells me to do 'eye pushups' like he did a few years ago I am going to have to hit him with something. Who has time to do eye pushups? It's on my to-do list of things I never get to, right up there with Kegel exercises. And dusting. And getting my car oil changed.

Alright well I better go see what's what. After school is probably the worst time to be blogging in terms of child safety.



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