Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Oh, Help. Me.

I was supposed to be writing my essay (wanted to be done tonight and leave tomorrow day for typing and cursing about MLA style) but I just fell into reading a bunch of blogs and lo and beehold it is 530 and where are my kids.

I went to Div college on Saturday morning and took a bunch of pictures of the building. It was neat. But pictures aint what I gotta hand in tomorrow night, are they?

So I went back today and actually went into the building which is a really cool building. And they were SO NICE there. They helped me. I almost cried.

So now I am pretty much armed with all the background shite I need to write this paper. I just need to write the paper.

Ugh. I hate this part. Anybody need me for anything? I can paint or fold laundry or watch your kids. Cause you just know I would rather watch yours than my own, who are right now banging and banging and banging on Sam's bedroom door. It would be one thing to have a paper due tomorrow if I lived alone. Or if I was a guy, who could act all important about it and have the wife hush the kids up so I can get my work done. It is entirely another thing to have to make complete sentences adding up to four pages about architecture and counterculture whilst you are worried that your darling angel baby is getting a Fortinos bag pulled over her head by your adorable but 'spirited' middle child. And your first born who is really such a great kid is crying because he can't find his spelling book.

I think I will feed them early and trick them somehow into an earlier bedtime. I wish that spring-ahead-fall-back thing had happened last weekend. It would be easier to do this.

The hilarious thing about it all is that I am still going to make sure I watch the finale of Nip and Tuck tonight. Just so you all know I havent gotten my priorities mixed up.

Ahhhhhhhh. The banging. I gotta go bust some heads.



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