Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Gimme an H
Gimme an O
Gimme a T

We decided not to go for the air conditioning, ergo, life is just a little warm right now. Especially up in my room, where my computer is. HHHooottt up here. I can barely put a few thoughts together for blogging because all I can think of is bbbblllaaaahhhhooootttt.

Monty is better. Drugs have kicked in, so that is good. And noone else seems to be coming down with anything around here, which is great.

My Jola Silver has not had her baby yet. I think Friday she can go in and get induced. If I am hot, she must be friggin dying. I remember last year, having had Luce on July 2, just holding the freezer door open for twenty minutes with my head stuck in it. Or hanging out in the laundry room because it is cooler down there. I think I will bring my coco a box of popsicles later today. Hear that Jo? Mamas coming with some frozen treats for ya.

I enrolled Monty in Camp Sprites! Whoopee! He goes for the second week of july, from 830-430 from mon to fri. Can't imagine a week without him here during the day. I think he will have fun. I know I will be able to get some long overdue house thingys done around here. Amazing how just getting one of the three out of the house (granted, its the busy one) for five days in a row seems like I will be having this big vacation.

Alright well now i am sitting here just trying to come up with something interesting to write but it will just be more of the same. I am hot. The Monty chronicles. etc. I'll spare you all for today and be back later maybe with some life changing bits of wise-dom.


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