Tuesday, June 08, 2004

I think I may have to dedicate an entire blog to Monty. It will be called the Tilt-a-Whirl.blogspot.com. That kid, man. He had a cold over the weekend and boom, by Monday morning he is wheezing and struggling to breathe. So it turns out that overnight he ends up with a chest infection, double up on the antibiotics, two puffers, the woiks. So all night I am watching his little tummy laboring to breathe. And this morning the first thing he does is violently puke all over the upstairs hallway. Not sure how the vomitus is related to the other things but I am guessing it is a virus mixed in with the infection? I don't know.
All I know is my vibrant middle child looks like one of the kids kept in the basement in Mordechai Richlers Jacob Two Two books.
He is all dark circles around the eyes and pale pale skin.
Do not fear, however, my good friends, he is still wreaking havoc, threw three badminton rackets down the stairs at 630 this morning with a huge clang that woke the whole house up. And when I went to make Lucy's bottle he said, "I already did it mommy." And lo, I look in her crib and there is some sort of watery concoction in there with her, which I think was a bottle with a bit of formula in it from last night that he just up and added H2O to and then fed to his unsuspecting little sis.


So today is a sick day, homeroo. Soo glad I am a stay home mama and that I can not worry about anything but taking care of my little albatross. Maybe I will get some more reading done of my Life and Death in Shanghai which is awesome. It is true account of Nien Cheng who was imprisoned (for six and a half years!) during the Cultural Revolution in China in the late sixties as a foreign spy. It is one of those books that you learn from, and I am loving it. seven hundred pages about Communism in China and Chairman Mao and all his cockamamie ways of getting the people to fall in and march to the beat of the proletariat. Really good.

Alright well for once i am finishing the blog at eight am. gotta go, I think M is about to upchuck his apple juice.


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