Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Today is pay off Uncle Donny day.

I will be VERY glad to hand the cheque to him at 4 pm. I know he is my uncle and olderly and i should have a little respect, but MAN ALIVE he has been one tough nut to deal with during this whole thing.

Everytime I have phoned him to tell him of the latest developments he has been ornery and grumbly. And he is making sure he does not lose ONE DIME from us before he is paid off. I mean, the guy wanted to charge me 25 bucks a day interest until the mortgage was paid off in May after the first of the month. And so I bumped it to June 1st so that he would get his whole mortgage payment and not be able to charge me. And then he calls me and says he won't sign to discharge the mortgage unless the bank guarantees he gets his money within 24 hours because 'if they take their time, I get screwed'. What he is talking about is basically twenty five or fifty bucks, as the mortgage was to go through on the first or second of June.

He is just mad that after making pots of money from us guys, his options of what to do with his money mean he makes a fraction of the interest he was making from us every month. So he is trying to make that sweet interest last until the cup is bone dry. Get over it, already. Its over. You are seventy eight. Leave your poor neice alone.

Weird man. What they say about family and money is true. It's sticky. Because I am related to him (He is my GODfather, for petes sake) I kind of expect that he would be decent. He doesnt have to be generous, I don't want anything extra, but just decent. And it seems that through this whole thing he has been sour grapes because I want to go to a bank and get a real mortgage after having one with him at high interest for three years. I mean, he is the type to get the most out of his money (to put it way too nicely), but when I try to do the same he is completely annoyed.

Blech. I have said before that money and me aint close friends. I refuse to make money a problem in my life. I have enough to eat, enough to pay my bills, enough to help others with. And that is that. You will never hear me whine about bills. What is the damn point? We all got em. I just saw that the interest rates for mortgages have gone way down since we purchased this house and thought I would do something about that. I can't wait for this nonsense to be over. I mean, there are people out there with REAL money probs. Real unemployment. Real hungry kids. Real negative bank accounts.

Alright. I'm done. Over and out. Alpha Alpha Zulu Beta signing off of self pity station. Hope I am not back for a long while.


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