Tuesday, May 18, 2004

What is the deal with having people over that makes all your stuff look like crap? I am noticing things that I haven't seen for months, like the mistletoe still hanging off the light fixture in my front hall. Like the not one but two broken lamps that are in my living room, that really need to be thrown out but I just mgyver them with clear tape and balance the shade oh so carefully and if anyone goes to turn it on I have to lunge across the room at them and say, "ILL DO IT!!" or they will get electrocuted or upset the whole rig.
And other things, like marks on the kitchen floor that won't come up for love or money or CLR or ammonia or sandblasting. And all the little oopsies I did when I painted three years ago and didnt tape off the ceiling so there are all these blobs of paint. It looks like we had a contractor come in after a triple martini lunch and paint.
And things like my front porch is too small. And the front hall closet is stupid and the stairs going down to the rec room bug me.

I love my dishwasher. We had the inaugural washing last night. Jay loaded it, carefully following the instructions TO THE LETTER about what goes where. And we both stood in front of it and watched the lights blinking and listened to the swish-hum-hiss of it. What a rush.

Okay well I gave the boys an ice cream cone and you just gotta know that they are outside trying to get ants to come have a snackola.



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