Thursday, May 27, 2004

Bad week for blogging! No real reason cept the usual nonsense that keeps me away from a sitting position at any given time. And I find that the more stuff I'm doing, the less I write, a la Bronte sisters I guess. They did hardly anything and wrote oodles. If they had had some things going on, like, maybe marriages or babies or outside jobs, we would have no movies to watch on A&E.

Big stag n doe this week. It kind of snuck up on me and now I am rushing a bit to get the eighties look thing going. I found a dress that kind of rocks the house. Black and white polka dots, huge bow, peplum, rhinestone, one strap. It's choice. You can almost hear the Falcon Crest theme song when you look at it. (sorry Austin, you won't get that, little fella) Alls I need now is a pair of black pumps with white ankle socks and a pair of black gloves with the fingers cut off.

As for the roller skates, I think i may wear them just for my hour of jello shooter duty. Which means I better lay off the jello shooters personally eh? What's black and white and red and has wheels? Me on the dance floor after a big bloody accident Saturday night.
Should be a fun night though for sure. there will be tons of people there that I havent seen for ages. And my ma and pa are going and they can tear up the dance floor big time. I am just hoping I remember all the moves to MJ's 'Thriller'.

Other than that my coco Joanne Silver is so preggers it's not funny. I hate that last two weeks for her. It is just such a state of limbo to be done but not done. Every hour is like you don't know whether to laugh or cry. I am sending her telepathic pitocin right now. Hang in there, Jola.

And my lucy is starting to crawl! Yay! She has been such an angel baby, so friggin content with her darling little life that she just hangs out. And of course being dorky I have had a little dark spot in the back of my head about it, thinking there is some brain problem reason why she ain't mobile yet. But she is fine. Of course she is fine. It's just that after Monty (who walked at 10 1/2 months and hang dropped out of his crib at 18 months your expectations are a little high. So my lady will be pirouetting around in no time. And then I will be all 'wHY did I want to rush this I wish she would stay still'. We never want what is right in front of us. We look to one side of it or the other and say, 'this is what i want'. Or we look right through it to the other side and say, "Ahh, if only it was this! This is the way it should be!"

Okay I'm going to go. I am reading "Life and Death in Shanghai" and it is so very good.



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