Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Can't believe it is JUne 2 already. Last year at this time I was 8 mos preggers with Lady Luck, sleeping about 3 hours a night, just gettin by from one day to the next.

What a difference a year makes.

Ahhhh. M'hood. Monty is freaking out in his room because he was being a total brat-wurst. He is laying on the couch watching Rugrats. Sam comes in and sits on the other end of the couch. Monty tells him to get off the couch, it's his couch, and moseys on down to Sam's end and tries to push him off. Sam yells. I intervene. Monty does it again, as soon as i leave the room. I tell him one more time and he is in his room. He lasts about three minutes and then hoofs Sam again. So now he is in his room, throwing stuff willy nilly. I think i need to build a quiet room in this house. One with padded walls and a deadbolt and absolutely nothing inside it. That way these time outs don't result in M destroying his room, taking all the clothes out of his dresser and flinging them around, pulling the bloody mattress off his bed, etc.

So I just let him out. Now he is bawling right beside me because he asked me for another popsicle and I said no. Ahhh. "I SICK, mommy, I need it for my SICK!"

Whatever, kid.

So how it goes now is in oh about thirty seconds I will hear the ole kitchen stool going across the floor and the freezer door opening with a creak and the rustly sounds of a popsicle being carefully extracted from the box. And I will go down and because he has it in his hands and now considers it a fait accompli, he will scream like I am sawing into his leg with a ginsu knife when I manage to pry it from his small cold hands.

Can you tell that Daddy is golfing tonight? And that I am feeling under the weather with a wicked cold. Hence the play by play of misery for your reading pleasure.

Oh! I found this movie trivia game thingy, have been meaning to do this. Here are three movie quotes. Name the movie they are from.

1. "I will NOT be ignored!" (1987)
2. "She can dance... She's got the wrong partner of course, but she can dance." (1977)
3. "Time to rock it from the Delta to the DMZ!" (1988)

Okay, time for popsicle wrestling.



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