Friday, May 28, 2004

Ten things about Van Helsing the movie.

1. Hugh Jackman does action very well! Kind of campy and tough. Delivers his smirky one liners nicely, and yet he has a little bit of sensitivity beneath his huge jacket and hat and weaponry.

2. Computer generated special effects ad nauseum. Dr Jekyl reminded me of the Hulk. But of course these were well done so it wasn't like Jaws or anything where you are going, 'That looks SO fake!' With fantasy movies, there is the whole suspension of disbelief thing going, and you just go with the flow. And the vampires' teeth did look real.

3. Kate Beckinsale (sp?) has redeemed herself somewhat from the toothy lovesick dork she played in Pearl Harbour. She has this funky Transylvanian/Romanian/Irish/Australian accent going on, but somehow it works.

4. The Shrek m & m's are really big and taste suspiciously like smarties.

5. Don't go see Van Helsing and then come home and talk about it if you have an 8 year old who is not allowed to see it in your house who will drive you insane asking you questions about it and saying, "But WHY MOMMY? WHY can't I go sEE it?"

6. This movie will be great to rent near Halloween. The mood is dark and gloomy and perfect for a rainy night if you want to snuggle in. And the storyline just might keep you awake if you have a tendency to nod off as I do.

7. It is hard to review a movie almost a week from the day you saw it. Note to self:do reviews immediately after viewing.

8. While it won't be nominated for any oscars, this is a fun rental. As for theatrical experience, it's maybe not worth the 14 bucks at Silver City Ancaster, but absolutely worth the matinee price at Jackson Square on a Saturday afternoon when you are hanging out with your mate without the kids.

9. The lead vampire guy was really cool looking. And he played the part of the five hundred year old v with a shrug and a lift of the eyebrow like nobody's business.

10. I have to go make some orange juice for a certain little beast who is clawing at my neck right now. His name starts with M. He is relentless.



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