Thursday, May 20, 2004

Well, the baby shower for coco Joanne was a big success. We had fourteen ladies and a ton of laughs. And my house got cleaned like the dickens and is still reasonably clean, except for the many things I kinda shoved in out of the way places that need to be dealt with. We had FUN. Great bunch of girls. Here's a pic.

And of course here is one of the Lucy Loo herself who rolled across the floor from lady to lady. What a weiner-schnitzel.

So good times. But man, this morning I was like a large slab of concrete across the bed. I swear I had only one eye open until ten am. And Sam was home from school with his hackeroo cough. But still rarin to go, of course. I got this pedometer thing with my salad at McDonald's (it's totally cheesy, don't go spending 5.99 on a salad just to get one), and he is obsessed with walking around the house to see how many steps he has taken.

He is so going to school tomorrow.

And I am kind of excited about the finale of 'Without a Trace' tonight at ten. I, like Brian, missed the CSI NY/Miami combo plate thingy and am hoping to be able to see it this summer. Brian, please email me if you hear it is going to be on. I was going to go to 33 Hess tonight with Tracy, but after the hijinks last night with the shower and all, I am in no mood to go anywhere. They have an open mike night there on Thursdays for stand up comics, and I used to do a lot of that, and just do corporate type gigs sporadically now. I havent done the open mike thing in about three years. And I feel like getting my chops back, not that I had these major chops anyways, but I could hold my own. So look forward to hearing about the 33 Hess comeback special soon. I don't even want to go up with any specific material. I just want to wing it and see what happens. So it should be interesting.

Okay well mr van coughson has to get his irritated lungs to bed so i better go help him.



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