Monday, June 14, 2004

Full Weekend, Full Life.

Did lots this weekend. Fri Tracy came over in the afternoon and we hung out and even got to watch 'A Chorus Line' dvd. Love that movie, and T hadn't ever seen it so it was even more fun to watch it through fresh eyes. I remember seeing it at the theatre when I was fifteen at the Centre Mall with my friend Heather and we danced all the way home. After we hung out with the kidlets and made homemade fries and who knows what then at nine we watched 'Calendar Girls' with Oma. Great movie! What a riot, with the older English
ladies who posed nude for a calendar to raise money. We hooted and howled and even cried a bit. And can I say that if I look half as good as Helen Mirren at sixty I would be really pleased.

Saturday was Kayes funeral. Wow. This woman was really special. Standing room only and all these people who loved her and were loved by her! What a life. She grew up in Lion's Head Ontario, was a welder in the early forties for a machine tubing company at seventeen, married at nineteen, had seven kids, and shared everything she had with anyone who asked. Her house was always full of people. She was no nonsense and all love. The minister said that lots of people had told him 'she made me want to be a better person.' It was a really nice day, sad and touching and amazing. I could barely look at my mother in law without welling up as she made her way through the room to look at the pictures and flowers, crying all the way. And Jay was choked up for like, ten hours. We get these little glimpses, if we are lucky, of our loved ones, that are so pure and show us exactly why we love them. Man, it's almost palpable. And that is how I felt looking at Jay across the room on Saturday.

Sunday was church which was good. Really liking the 'Law and Order' series that Lane is doing, although I have the theme song in my head for about three days afterward. They had a baby dedication for a little fella and he wore an heirloom christening gown made from a WWII parachute. How cool is that?

Then we went to see the darling new baby Silver, who is sweet as a lifesaver and soooo cute with her black hair and tiny everything. What a dolly Grace is. I kind of want to go back today and see her again, and maybe tomorrow drop by.... I didn't really get to hold her for very long.

I had a lovely nap on the couch with Monty yesterday afternoon, which is a real treat. For one, Monty does not nap per se anymore. Once in a while he exhausts himself so thoroughly that he falls asleep on the spot, but mostly its go go go all day from six thirty am till seven thirty pm. For two, I am not a good napper either. I have the restless legs that mean I have enough trouble falling asleep at night, never mind nodding off during the day. So it was nice to have a lay down from four to six, and enjoy some of those vivid daytime dreams that you have with the background noise of your house going on adding to the chaos in your dream world.

Okay the weekend descrip isnt over but I left Lucy in her high chair and monty outside in the yard in his dalmation costume so i better go see whats what.
Happy monday all.


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