Thursday, June 10, 2004

Went to 33 Hess tonight to try to get on the amateur stand up comedy night. They werent open when we got there at nine so we walked down the street to the Doors Pub to kill time. Went back at 10 and there were people there but noone on stage or anything. We asked when the comedy was happening and the bouncer guy (who was busy reading a Maxim magazine behind the bar) said, "When people get here, I guess." Classy. So we kind of left and went home. I mean, I was not willing to stay there till midnight and then what if noone showed up?

Dorky. I miss Yuk Yuks. YOu could count on it every wed night at 9 pm, with a decent M/C and a solid line up. Too bad they closed down and are only open fri and sat for the headliners. They do, however, have an amateur night on the last Wed of Every month so I am going to get a five min set ready for that and go at the end of June. Now that I have been a little discouraged by this 33 Hess nonsense it makes my determination to get back out there even stronger. And I watched "Last comic standing" last night for two hours and it has also been a bit of a spur to 'prick the sides of my intent.' So.

Other than that some fun thingys coming up. I think I am going to book the Forderers in at DArien Lake for Jay's week off this summer. We would also like to have a summer party which we have done every year since we moved in this house 'cept last year because it was the summer of Lucy. We usually have some live music or karaoke thing going on. Fun. And speaking of L it is going to be her very first birthday in a few weeks, my little ducky girl is getting big! And I would like to do this awesome toronto deal with the Producers and the Alice Fazoolis and the hotel etc for 150 bucks. Just gotta line up the sitters.

We have a funeral service on Sat. A long time friend of Jay's family, they called her "Auntie Kaye" passed away on Monday night. She was a real neat lady with a deep voice and when she hugged ya you knew you were getting hugged. Jay has known her almost his whole life, she was a great friend of Oma's (my MIL). One story about her is that she was putting lipstick on before bed, and Oma turned to her and said, "Kaye, why are you putting on lipstick? You are going to bed?!" She turned to Oma and said, "Oh Carole. You never know who you'll meet in your dreams."
So rest in peace Auntie Kaye. I am sure you'll give them all a run for their money up there.

Alright well time to get these old bones to bed.



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