Friday, April 16, 2004

This is how I get lost in the internet.
First, I am checking my auctions, seeing how everyone is doing, what has bids, sending invoices, etc. Then I check out how 80's movie books sell (Dark Crystal, Karate Kid, Goonies, etc) because I have a few. I see that one Goonies book, a documentary type book, is up to 202 US. What?! So I check it out, and it is this self publised (read:only a few hundred copies made) book about the movie, The Goonies, and all the details about the movie anyone would ever want to know.

So I am checking it out and on the auction it has a link to the goonies movie website. So I go to that and read about the movie and that there is a Goonies 2 coming out. Then there is a whole section on the characters from the first movie and the actors that played them. I click away, read, look at pics, read some more about where are they now, etc. Then I look at the clock. 23 minutes gone reading about what martha plimpton, kerri green and sean astin are doing now, plus a quick trip to the LOTR website as a tangent from sean astins aka Sam Gamgee, and another quickie to PETA, the animal friendly website because that is what Martha Plimpton got into from when she was with River Phoenix for a while after being in the Mosquito Coast with him. Yikes. Did I really need to know all this stuff tonight?


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