Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Finally got the comments back in! That template thing scares me. When you have the skill level on computers that I have, which is somewhere between knowing zip all and knowing just enough to be dangerous, bad things can happen to good people. But it worked, finally. I promise to leave it alone now.

I am in a bit of pain. Pilates is hard!!! But kind of cool. The instructor was this gorgeous chick with the perkiest butt I have ever seen. It was a little distracting actually. But she was very good, explained everything really well so us first timers wouldnt be flopping around too much. It is all about small intense movements and holding moves to work the muscles, like doing a sit up and STOPping at the hardest part and then breathing in or out. Whew! The breathing is very important. The pain is not as bad as I thought it would be. Maybe I am in better shape than I thought. Or maybe I just didn't work hard enough. It was fun, though. Looking forward to next week. For fifteen bucks it is a good deal.

Off to book group this morn at Debi's (Monty has already cried twice that he doesnt want to go, he wants to go to Seth's house) then the plumber comes then Sammy has his first piano lesson at 4! I finally called Angie and arranged it after Jay had been asking me for two months. I am excited for him. He is a little less excited than me.

Okay better gedoudahere and get some people dressed and out the door, looks like it is going to be sunny.

Brian, I am going to steal your ending from yesterday cause I thought it was cool.



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