Monday, April 12, 2004

I know, I know, 'where's the love, y'all?'

Have been away from blogeroo for a few days. Actually I totally blogged yesterday but then i got interrupted before I posted, and Sammy came to go on the Bionicle website and closed Internet Explorer, so I lost it all. And I was just too annoyed to write it all out again so I took 24 hours to cool off.

And to top it all off this will be a shorty as I am tyred and going to bed. But tomorrow, as Scarlett put it, is anothah day. And I promise to bore you with much details about the comings and goings around here. IT was a good Easter weekend. I am going to tuck in with Angels and Demons (yikes that sounds like I need to bring some holy water to bed with me!) and get some sleeeep. Other than that I guess talk amongst yourselves until I return.

Night night.


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