Thursday, April 15, 2004

these are the sugar items i have consumed today.
1 ice cream sandwich
1 little peanut butter cup
8 grape livesavers
Not as bad as I thought. But still room for improvement. In a related story I had about 12 Doritos in the car on the way to the post office. Sam had way more than me. I think I am replacing the DC with junkola. I haven't had a drop since Monday afternoon. Addictions are hard, arent they?

I am just waiting for Daddy o to get home so I can take Sammy to Karate without towing Luce and Monty. He may not make it before 630 though. At least it is GORGEOUS out. That helps. I did all my mailing today which is cool. 84 bucks to Canada Post. Well, one thingy was to France and one to the UK so that bumped things up a bit.

Okay I better stop sitting and go find Sam's gi from the laundry basket(s). Talka to ya latah.


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