Monday, April 05, 2004

About Last Night

I had a busy evening trying to get the house, (okay mostly the kitchen) in some sort of order and also a coupla loads a laundry done. I folded while watching H and the gang figure out what happened to a gal who got hit over the head by some prison guard on CSI Miami, feeling a little resentful that I didn't feel I could even take an hour to do nothing but watch a show. Anyhoo.

Sam has his wicked cough so he could not sleep. It was like a small earthquake shaking the house every minute or so. Poor kid. So I let him sleep in my bed, because this comforts him when he is sick to be near Lucy. So I fall asleep on the couch about 1145 with Angels and Demons in my hand. The rest is a timeline from hell.

2:45 Jay brings me Lucy (who has had a virus for two days, throwing up every time I go to feed her) who is crying and hungry and wants mama. So I feed her, then I am scared she will throw up lying down so I sit in the rocking chair with her with a towel around her little body.

3:15 Lucy is miserable and then pukes. She is such a lady though. I could feel her leading up to it so I hold her over the bathroom sink and she delicately throws up a couple of times, then i just hold her there with her head in my hand, she blinks in the dark, not crying or anything, just composing herself.

3:21 Monty wakes up yelling for juice (which he has never had in the middle of the night in his life) and where is Mommy. So I get him a drink of water which he throws at me and screams his head off, then picks up the water, has a drink and asks if I wanna snuggle in his bed. So I put L back in her crib then go to Monty's room. Might as well, I don't have a bed to sleep in anyway and I want to be nearer to lucy than downstairs.

3:43 After 20 minutes of Monty climbing all over me, talking about Spiderman and stepping on my head twice, I am ready to find a new spot to sleep. He begs me not to leave and promises to be good. Because I am his mother I fall for it and agree to stay.

3:49 Sam comes into Monty's room because he can hear us and figures we are having way more fun than him. He joins us on the bed. This pumps monty's excitement level up a few notches and things get crazy and then I am really leaving.

3:58 I leave to go to my bed, tell Sam to get in his, and lock monty in his room. He does not take it well.

4:30 I still have not been able to fall asleep, I am thinking about Lucy and Sam's cough is soooo loud, plus my restless legs have kicked in.

4:50 After finally blessedly falling asleep for ten minutes, Lucy starts crying.

5:00 I get her settled.

5:15 Monty wakes up and is yelling that he has to go pee.

5:15:26secs I am rising out of my bed, scowling in the dark at Jay for not getting up.

5:15:31secs Jay informs me that he has not slept at all either because of all the noise.

5:15:38secs I bark at him that although I feel his pain that the noise level is rather high, it is I who is physically getting up and dealing with things, therefore, I do believe he is better off than me. He tells me that he has to get up for work in the morning. I say so do I. He says I can nap during the day if there is an opportunity. I say there has not been an opportunity for this since Lucy was born.

5:16 Lucy wakes up again. Monty is up too, having gone pee he would like to play with me now. I put him to bed.

5:20 Sam comes back in our room to tell me he can't sleep and can he have a honey throat drop. I go down to the kitchen to get one, but they are in the cupboard above the stove and I am short so I drag a kitchen chair across the room to stand on. But I am tired and a little off balance so when I go to get the lozenges I knock about ten other things out of the messy cupboard onto the stove and the floor. Since most of these are medicine items I have to put them all back or monty will have a pharmacopia for breakfast.

5:25 Lucy is still upset so I take her back downstairs to the rocking chair. We rock for a while, then I am falling asleep in the chair and don't want to drop her so we go back upstairs.

5:45 I can't sleep. legs are bad.

6:00 I am asleep! I don't remember anything until,

6:30 Monty wakes up, fresh as a daisy and ready to start his day. I take him to the bathroom and put him back in his room. He settles back in bed for 45 mins. Then he gets up for real. And so does mr Coughalot, and so does Lucy.

7:30 It's a beautiful day in the neighbor hood. Sam is home from school. Lucy is miserable. Monty is jim dandy. I am putting two tea bags in my tea.

And you all thought I led a life of high profile glam and glitz, didnt cha?



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