Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Man, I found three old Barbapapa books today at St. vinny's and now I can't get the theme song out of my head. What a weird show that was. What was with the hairy black one? Strange. I mean, they were these colored lumps of blubber and then one of them goes and has hair all over his body.

Other than that not much going on. Sammy just got home from school so round and round we go, monty is running around with a hot dog from yesterday as a snackeroo wearing Sam's old Po costume. I have made the meatballs for the spag and m dinner tonight but can't get my arse to the kitchen to get the sauce on. I think it is the lack of D.C. that is making me sluggish. I have cut back from minimum one can a day to about half a can a day or less. And it hurts, baby.

On the domestic front I called a plumber today about the downstairs toilette. Minimum 85 dollars for them to come. Will there ever be a time when people don't complain about how expensive plumbers are? I mean, I bought a bottle of vino on the weekend that was $15 and didnt even bat an eyelash. But how dare the plumber charge me for his services and expertise?!

Easter weekend was great. We went to Jays shop on Sat to get his cheque and ended up staying in St Catherines for a good part of the day, walking along the boardwalk, watching the boats in the locks or lift locks or whatever they are called. It was awesome and a sunny day to boot. And the kids fell asleep on the way home so jay and I had a mini date, really. 45 minutes of uninterrupted conversation. Ya gotta take it when it comes eh.

Sun was Easter and we were on music team for the service at church. Jay played of course the mean geetar and I got to sing with the choir. First time I have done this and it was totally great energy with everyone belting it out. Then brunch at ma and pa sloans in Hagersville. Yummy food as usual and great to see everyone and the kids running around hunting for eggs, Sam got the best haul being the oldest and quickest and most cunning, er, greedy.

We watched 'Pirates of the Caribbean' Sun night which was really good. Johnny Depp was a riot.

And thats about all, folkses. I did get a pair of Oilily pants for ebay yesterday for $1.99, which rocks because Oilily is a French childrens clothing maker and these pants which are kind of ugly velvet brown and yellow swirly fabric probably retail new for about $110 bucks. Don't ask me why. So they should fetch a good price on ebe. Of course, whenever I think that, it doesnt happen, so who knows. The dorky adidas golfing jacket with the argyle pattern that i thought might go for five bucks went for 42 US yesterday. Ahh the ups and downs of ebay. It's fun.

okay well I hear the owl call my name, (monty being the owl) so I better go help him with getting his Gil Gripper in the ski doo thingy so he can go rescue Miss Piggy from her dangerous position on the edge of the bathtub, plus there is dinner to do, and packing some stuff, plus I am going to PILATES tonight (hopefully the chick shows up, she did not show last week) so I better find a decent pair of workout pants other than the hole in the crotch ones I usually wear to work out, um, I mean watch tv.



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