Thursday, April 08, 2004

Ahhhh, last joy group last night. It was another good one, and I am glad I did it, but it is really good to be done. Sometimes I think that is the best part of doing these kinds of things, the feeling of euphoric mental release I get when I do not have to think about them anymore.

I was going to blog yesterday after Sam got home from school, he was driving me crazy because he wanted to have a friend in and I said no, it's beautiful out, go outside. So he was whining and carrying on and even when i finally did get him out the door in his "worst rollerblades on the street" he stood on the porch with his friend with his forehead pressed against the screen door, scowling, "Theres NOTHING to DOOO!" at me. So I didnt blog about it because I had mother guilt that I was complaining about my darling first born and what if he read it some day and needed therapy to get over the fact that his mother didnt particularly like him after school one fine April day.

But here i am blogging about it now so go figure. Mind you, it is a lot calmer than it would have been yesterday.

Man I had a weird dream last night that I was hanging out with my grandma Sloan (d. 2000) and she was tiny and this lady was carrying her around, but the poor lady carrying her around was a hunchback herself. I have to tell you, I don't really like when people tell me their dreams unless they come to some conclusion about them. There is nothing more annoying than someone telling you this long convoluted dream about them and this guy at work at a garbage dump that wasn't really a garbage dump trying to find a waiter to take their order except then they were in a plane and it wasn't the guy at work after all but a famous woman, you know the actress with the super curly hair and high voice, and she was talking about how she killed this frog........

You get the picture, and the person is going on and on and I am like, thinking about what to make for dinner and waiting for it to end. So sorry to tell you about my dream but it made me think of my wee granny and how she used to freak us out by pulling her false teeth and then sucking them back in. She was a proper English kind of lady and I would go on and on about her if I didn't have two boys who are right now fighting about a Batman that has been under the bed for six months but all of a sudden both of them must have it RIGHT NOW. So off I go. Maybe I'll get back to granny later.


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