Thursday, April 15, 2004

Thursday eh.

Gotta ship about 12 ebes today. And clean this house a bit (a lot). And take the Oma out for some fresh air. I think it is going to be nice out! Finally, some spring like weather, what a long time coming. Bruno will be out there for sure today, he'll yell across the street, "You like this, Amy? Yeah? Nice weather for you, eh?" Like he personally is responsible for the sun shining, like he imported it from the olive groves of Italy or something. Then he'll drop the bomb. "Well, you better enjoy it cause it's gonna be snowing on Tuesday!!!" Then I go, "oh no!" like I always do and he will laugh his head off.

It's the same thing every time. He is a riot.

Last night we took the kids on a bike ride and to the park, it was great to be out and about after supper. Kind of cold, but not terrible. Monty is so much better this year at the park! Last year it was a pain to follow him around in case he took a header off the top of the slide or just plain took off, this year he gets it that he has to stay at the jungle gym and he goes down the slide like a normal kid. What a difference. You can actually sit on the bench and watch him play. This has, like spring this year, been a long time coming.

Next year of course it will be time to get off the bench again to traipse after Lucy, but this year I forsee lots of park fun for the Forderer family. And man, did the kid hit the pillow hard after that excursion. He has the cosiest bed, I don't dare get in it for long or I would never leave. He is like a little bird, he goes around the house and finds little blankets and the odd pillow from here or there, plus a flannel sheet or two from the linen closet, and he brings them all to his bed plus his Spiderman sleeping bag and twists them around each other and makes this swirly nest for himself. It is pretty cute, I wish he visited it during the day though.

Sammy's piano lesson went great. He really likes Angie and was all keen to practice when he got home. Actually what he wanted to do was practice outside on the porch so he could still hang out with his buddies and not miss anything. I said no keyboard on the porch. So he practiced last night with Daddy-o.

I think I will go to Costco and get the Pilates tapes today. Early birthday present to myself. Hopefully I will use them a little more than I used the Yoga tapes I got at Costco way back when. Yoga is great, but a little slow paced for me. If I am going to take 30 whole minutes to do something, it better be worth my while. With Yoga, at least with the tapes i had, there was a lot of downward dog for ten minutes, then mountain pose, which is basically standing up with your arms at your sides, for another five minutes. I mean, who's kidding who? How is my baby fat going to make an exodus when all I am doing is standing there?

Okay now I am just putting off packing and cleaning, because I am sitting here thinking, what else can I write about? Soon I will start describing what I had for dinner and what my favorite color is.

So I'll go. Toodle oo Fu Man Chu.


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