Tuesday, November 08, 2005

On My Mind

I got a new little job. I will be working in a booth at the mall on the weekends for the Christmas Season. It is a candle booth! I am kind of excited to wear nice pants and watch people shop. And be all by meself at my booth in Limeridge, selling things to grown ups.

Grown ups aren't as cute as kids, but they don't cry as much, either. And they can all wipe their own bums and hold a cup without spilling it and they would take responsibility if they happened to eat a whole bunch of Halloween candy before 8 am.

So yeah, I start on Friday. I can only work on the weekends I told the guy because that is when hubby is home. No friggin way I am paying a baby sitter to work for eight bucks an hour.

I am hoping I get a lil discount on the candles though. If you are one of my peeps, don't read on. Because you are probably getting a candle type thing for Christmas. Surprise!

I have also been asked to do another one of my 'girls night out' parties at my aunt's friends house. Which is good because I have lots of stuff left over from the last one.

Since I got a head startino on my Christmas shopping last weekend i am now all over it. I almost wrapped a few things tonight. If there weren't sixteen loads of laundry to put away I would have done so. I just want to get this house reasonably tidy because one of the first things I am doing with my extra moola is getting a housecleaner in, just once, in December. To hell with a new outfit. I want to come home and hear the vacuum overheating and smell the pine sol and have them say, 'We are almost done!' It is the BEST.

And now it is two minutes to ten and I am going to grab the baskets of L. to fold in front of the TV whilst I watch I don't even know what because tuesday is not usually a tv night for me. Hmmmm.



At 10:43 PM, Blogger mrtl said...

Yay for extra buckerage!

At 8:10 AM, Blogger Linda said...

Congratulations on the new found weekend freedom! It kind of sucks you gotta work during that time, but hey, I totally understand! The extra bucks always come in handy!
Thanks very much for your words of encouragement on my blog! and btw that other one that got promoted to my old position..She is the bomb and will totally rock...you sure you don't wanna come work for her? We got a position open!

At 3:07 PM, Blogger kalki said...

I have considered working at Target just for the discount...

At 9:05 AM, Blogger Effie said...

Hey--do you live up on the mountain? If so--did the tornado affect you? I hope all is well!

At 1:46 PM, Blogger Cat said...

Dude. People vacuuming? People who aren't ME vacuuming MY house? For me? OH. MY. GAWSH. I think I just peed my pants a little, with all the excitement of that thought. I must look into this strange yet lovely-sounding cleaning service thingymabobber of which you speak...

And your description of what adults are NOT? Awesome. I feel you, sistah. I feel you.

At 2:52 PM, Blogger Annejelynn said...

extra dough is always a good thing

At 8:49 PM, Blogger Mama Duck said...

Congrats on the extra cash!

I always think about holiday work at Victoria's Secret or Bath & Body Works, but quickly realize that I would have to pay them for my time there with all the money I'd blow.

At 6:24 PM, Blogger Christy said...

I have BAAAAAAD memories of working at a kiosk at Christmas. I worked for the Soapberry shop and was right next to the People's jewellers. They had a video set up that played over and over all day long with ONE LINE of Streisand's "People...People who need People". That ONE line over and over all friggin' day. I thought I would go mental by Dec 23rd. So I have negative kiosk memories.

Have fun!


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