Friday, November 18, 2005

It's like I am trying to win some sort of dork contest

Below is a copy of an email I sent my husband at work yesterday. Brackets with info have been added.

Subject Line: GULP. Bad News.


Remember in the summer when I backed out of our driveway and sorta hit that car?

Um, yeah. Well, I did that again. But harder. Wahhh!
I had Seth (montys little friend) and Monty and they were running around and I was trying to get them in the car to take Seth home and Monty to school. Seth got in the car but Monty kept running away from me, around the driveway. I got frustrated and got in and thought I would back the car up, get it on the street and then get him and put him in the car. So I was looking at him, standing in front of the garage door, as I backed out. And then I hit the car.

I knew it was someone from Bruno’s place’s (guy across the street) car. So I ran across the street and knocked on the door and rang the bell but noone came. So I took monty to school and seth home, came home myself and put a note on the car that it was me that hit it and please come over and get my information.

After a while I see the lady out there so I came out and told her it was me. (She is Bruno's cousins wife, italian lady in her 60s) She freaked out at me. Started yelling and saying “Why did you do this to me?” and I was like, “I am sorry and don’t worry I will pay for the repair” Her passenger back door has a scrape and a dent. She starts like leaning over the car and saying, “Oh, my stomach! Oh my new car!!” and then she said, “I have to go in to see Bruno” and I said okay well I will meet you in there I will go get my information. So I go back home to tell Oma (my MIL who lives with us) to watch Lucy for me, by this time I feel so bad I am crying myself!

So I come back out and Bruno and her are outside the car and she is crying and Bruno yells at her, “Come on! Amy is right across the street she said she will take care of it! Why are you getting all emotional!” (It was kind of funny). She said, “I can’t drive it to work” and he said, “Oh stop it, of course you can drive it to work!” So she left for work and I said I am sorry about ten more times and all she did was give me a dirty look like I had just offed her grandmother.

So then Bruno takes me into his house and says, “My God! She came running into the house screaming, I thought she was having a heart attack!” I went in and talked to them. Bruno tried to get me to have a shot of something to calm my nerves. I told him I already hit one car, better just have water. They were great. Alma (B’s wife) said, “She is just emotional, don’t take it personally, she is like that, high strung, the important thing is that noone got hurt and your kids are okay.” So they took my insurance info.

I am sure I will have to pay something out, maybe her deductible or something. And um, heh, our back bumper on one side got kinda cracked up (a lot). I feel like such an idiot that it happened not once but TWICE.

So that’s that. How is your day going?

Bye bye! Call me if you can.


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